Anyone who has enjoyed a nice nap in a hammock on a warm day rocked gently to sleep between palm trees will know that Hammocks aren’t just an accessory for summer holidays or a cool selfie. Central American cultures have known for some 1000s years that there are quite a few health benefits of sleeping in a hammock ranging from falling asleep faster to curing back aches.

1. Faster sleep: Unlike a normal bed, sleeping in a hammock is quite a different experience. One falls asleep comparatively faster while swinging in a hammock. It sometimes takes hours to fall asleep once into a normal bed. Anyone who has tried a hammock knows that it’s very difficult to stay awake for more than a few minutes in a hammock. The gentle swing of the hammock acts as a natural lullaby that rocks you to sleep.

2. Peaceful sleep: Unlike your current mattress, sleeping in a hammock ensures most people calmness, clarity, and peace of mind. People who are used to sleeping on a hammock are found comparatively more happy, alert and active the next day. A person just has to place his body inside the hammock and leave rest of the task to the hammock that would automatically make a person fall into a peaceful sleep that is otherwise rarely possible with the hectic schedule that most of the people in this competitive world follow.

3. No pressure points: Unlike traditional matrasses, hammocks keep an equal pressure around the body. Uneven pressure point can lead to all kinds of muscle aches and back problems. It comes as no surprise that hammocks can be the key to curing that sore back, neck and shoulders.

4. Treatment of insomnia: Science now backs up what the Mayans knew all along. Sleeping in a hammock can cure insomnia! Anyone who has lied in bed restless for hours trying to fall asleep can appreciate this point. The national institute of neurological disorders and stroke claims that 40 million people in the US suffer from chronic long-term sleep problems and each and every year an additional 20 million people will report difficulty falling asleep. The average American sleeps 6.8 hours per night, more than 1 hour less than the recommended 8 hour minimum experts recommend.

5. Hammocks make you smarter: Regular use of hammocks has been linked with increased cognition, focus, and learning. These amazing results are believed to be due to the swinging motion, which synchronizes brain waves, allowing for faster and deeper sleep than would normally be attained. Fully rested people tend to perform better on both physic and mental exams, and are considerably more likely to remember study material as compared to their non-rested counterparts.

If getting that summer holiday feeling while napping in your back yards wasn’t reason enough, the incredible health benefits should be enough to convince you to go and get one. Check this guide on the optimal distance between trees for hanging hammock.