When we talk about the wholesale markets in New York, the hunts point produce market is at the top. It is one of the oldest markets and many family businesses have grown here. It covers around 113 acres of land and is a considerably large market for wholesale dealings. It generates around $2 billion revenue on an annual basis. This market is for everyone! If we categorize the buyers there would be a huge list who takes advantage from this market. The hi-fi superstores and all the other markets mainly get the wholesale deals from hunts point produce market. 

Buyers who are present at hunts point produce market:

It would not be wrong to say that there is almost every grocery item that can be bought through this market and this is the reason why millions of people purchase through the market. This is the reason why people are working here from generation because this market has the potential to give huge revenue to individuals as well. If we categorize the buyers in different sectors, we get a following list: 

Wholesalers for wholesalers
Super stores
Bus service terminals 
Air lines
End consumers!

The things that you buy from a super store or the street end store in your area, mainly they have bought stuff from this market. The reason behind buying from this market is obviously the reduced cost and availability of everything around the same place. It can be considered as a grand bazar! You would get almost everything that is required to run a business related to food industry in any way. If you are a restaurant owner and want to reduce your costs, then buying from this market would be a great idea. Sub-wholesalers also buy from this market to further sale the goods to local area retailers and distributors. 

Green grocers:

Green grocers are the main people getting real advantage from this hunts point produce market. Farmers are definitely the backbone of the economy and this is very important to give them relief. This market is providing them with everything at a single go. This market is open for 24/7 and that is how farmers and green grocers take real advantage from the market. Market being open all the time for buyers is a blessing because people coming from different cities to buy the produce are also served and they need flexibility of time. 

A good prospect for employment: 

This produce market is not just for trading, it has more than 1000 direct and indirect employees and that is how it is helping to reduce the economic pressure by combating unemployment in a good way. People are working here from generations and that is how they are making their livelihood. All the business people here in this market are working together for a number of years and this is how it has become a culture over there.