Fall has only just begun, but it's never too early to begin preparing for winter. Read on for everything you need to do to get your home winter ready.

Bizarrely, global warming can actually lead to colder winters.

With global temperatures continuing to rise, we may be facing even colder winters in the coming years.

Before the cold weather arrives, you need to make sure your home is ready for whatever the weather may bring.

Read on as we take a look at five important tips for preparing for winter in your home.

1. Caulk Your Windows
Modern windows are great at keeping the heat in, and the cold out.

The only trouble is, your window is only as effective as the quality of the seal around it. If your caulk has cracked, you'll get cold air leaking into your home and warm air leaking out. This means that your heating has to work extra hard.

Take a look around your windows, and replace any caulk that looks damaged. You can also use infrared detectors to find any areas where cold air is getting in.

2. Seal Your Attic
Another common source of escaping heat is the attic.

Take a look around your attic and see if you can find any leaks. If you come across any small gaps, you can use caulk to seal them up. 

Larger holes can be filled with expanding foam.

Sealing up the gaps will save you serious money on your heating bills.

3. Clean Your Gutters
Fall is aptly named. Your gutters are likely to be filled with fallen leaves.

Left unchecked these can cause serious issues once all the winter rain and show arrives. Before the winter months are here, it's the perfect time to clean out the gutters and ensure that your home has the drainage it needs to last through the winter.

4. Keep Your Furnace Running Smoothly
The last thing you want in the middle of winter is for your heating to break down.

Take the time to ensure that your furnace is running as it should. Start by checking the filters and replacing any that need it. Get your furnace serviced too. If you do need furnace repair it's far better to get it done before the temperatures really plummet.

5. Reverse Your Fans
If you have fans that can run in the opposite direction, this can be a great money-saving hack.

Hot air rises, so when you heat your home, the tops of each room warm up first. By turning your fans on, it pushes the warm air down, making your room feel warmer quicker. It means that you don't need to run the heating for as long and can save you money on your heating bills.

The Importance of Preparing for Winter
Preparing for winter is vital to keep your home warm and dry, and your energy bills down. By following these tips, your home will be all set to see you through the winter months.

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