Boilers are 24/7 under pressure and usage during the winters, which is what then leads to boiler breakdowns. On the other hand, these breakdowns can be extremely costly because, due to the importance and durability, boilers are considered as one of the most expensive appliances. However, the good news is that there are several different ways through which you can easily manage boiler installation costs. 

Especially if you are in the UK, the best thing you can do is that you can apply for free boiler grants. This scheme was launched in 2013 in the month of January. According to it, old, energy consuming, and non-condensing are exchanged with condensing and energy efficient boilers. The whole purpose of this scheme is to help the homeowners in bringing down their fuel bills. 

However, in order to be a part of this scheme, you have to be in receipt of some specific benefits. One of them includes pensioners on Pension Credit. The process has its own complexities, but if you qualify for the scheme, you’ll get a new boiler that will lessen your expenses to a whole nother level. 

Other than this, here are the five main things that you need to know about boiler grants; 

1- Universal Credit 
If you are in receipt of universal credit, then this is quite good news for you as you definitely qualify for the boiler grants scheme. For this, you need to have a child who is under 16 and is in receipt of PIP or DLA, etc. Also, for this scheme, you should have earned $1250 in any month over the past one year. With two of these requirements fulfilled, you’ll get a new energy efficient for your home without any hassle. 

2- Nationwide coverage
One of the best benefits of boiler grants is the nationwide coverage that you get. Not just this, but there are installers almost all around the country who can easily look after your free boiler installation. In other words, with this scheme, if you qualify for it, there won’t be anything to worry about as there are people to take care of the installation for you. It’s amazing how no matter what part of the country you live in if you apply for boiler grants, you’ll have a team of experts at your place within the next 48 hours. They will perform a little survey and then install the boiler for you right away. To get to know more about it, visit and check

3- Private tenants and homeowners can apply 
Unfortunately, this scheme isn’t for everyone. It’s specifically for those who own homes in the UK or are private tenants in the country. The tenants who are renting a space privately, they’ll first need to take permission from their landlords to install a new boiler. If they get permission, the rest of the process will be extremely easy for them. 

4- It’s a quick process
Most people are concerned about the time it will take for them to get a new boiler installed. Well, about this scheme, one of our favorite things is that it’s a completely hassle free process and after applying, it will just take two or maximum three days for you to get a new, energy efficient boiler installed. 

5- Even the condensing boilers get exchanged 
There was a time when the replacement of condensing boilers wasn’t allowed by the government, but later it became a part of the scheme. If you do have a condensing boiler that’s broken to an extent where it cannot be repaired, you can apply for the scheme and get it changed. 

Now that you know everything about boiler grants, you should apply for this scheme if you do qualify for it. If you wish to get a boiler for a limited time, you can even opt for a free boiler. 

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