Our cell phones are our lives. Going through the day with no charge isn't always an option. Check out these 8 signs you need a new cell phone battery ASAP!
Remember the good old days?

Things were built to last. Your cell phone was one of them. Those old Nokia 3310s seemed indestructible! You could have the same mobile for years with no trouble whatsoever.

These days, a typical mobile phone battery can last 2 to 3 years on average. There’s no guarantee it’ll make it that long though!

Indeed, a replacement battery is often required to keep your phone fully operational. But how do you know when it’s time to change the battery?

Let us help.
Keep reading to discover 8 signs it’s time to get a new cell phone battery.

8 Ways to Tell You Should Replace Your Cell Phone Battery

There are few things more annoying than a phone with a bad battery. Here’s how to know it’s time to replace yours. Got a problem that needs fixing? Use this company to help!

1. Your Mobile Doesn’t Start
Okay, this one goes without saying.

But, we’ll say it anyway…

If your phone no longer starts, then the battery is officially caput. You’ve tried charging it. Hold the power button down for a few seconds. Still no joy? Then it’s definitely caput. Unfortunately, you’re too late. It’s probably best to pay attention to the other signs on this list first…

2. Your Mobile Only Works When Charging
Does a duff battery will only work when it’s charging up.

Unconnected from a power supply, the mobile is entirely reliant on the battery. Bad batteries simply won’t hold the power as they should. However, it’s no problem when connected to the power source.

It’s a good idea to replace your battery as soon as you notice this happening. For one, it’s massively impractical- unless you’re happy only using it at home.

A potential workaround is to carry an external battery with you. These connect to your phone on the go and can carry significant amounts of battery life.    

3. Your Mobile Shuts Off Randomly
You’re going about your day, using your phone as normal.
You go to take a call, take a photo for Instagram, check Google Maps for directions, or look up a review on TripAdvisor. Suddenly, the phone switches off for no apparent reason. Panic ensues!

Little can be more distressing! For lithium-ion batteries, this can sometimes be a result of requiring recalibration. Here’s a guide for that. In essence, you let the battery die from low battery, recharge it fully, then do a soft reset of the device.

However, you should look into a replacement battery if that doesn’t solve the problem.

4. Your Mobile Doesn’t Perform Properly
Poor mobile performance can sometimes be due to a bad battery.

It may feel slow and sluggish. Your camera may seem unresponsive or take ages to take a picture. Your internet and apps may take annoyingly extended periods of time to work. You come to expect a fast operating speed. Call this a first world problem, but there’s little more frustrating than when things slow down!

The latest iPhones (6 or above) will tell you if the battery is to blame. Go to settings, tap on the battery option, then again onto the battery health. There may be a description beneath the Peak Performance Capability to let you know the battery couldn’t send peak power.

It’s time for a replacement.

5. Your Mobile Loses Charge Quickly
Every mobile comes with a certain amount of battery life.

For example, when you purchase the cell phone it’ll claim you’ll get 10 hours charge. Now, most of us are aware it isn’t quite so simple. That time’s usually based on average phone usage, making it generally unrealistic. Use the phone a lot, and the charge will go down quicker. Keep it on flight mode all day and it’ll last a while.

However, be wary if it starts dropping more quickly than usual. If you’re doing all the same things but the battery dies in less time, then the phone may need a new battery.

6. Your Mobile Doesn’t Charge Fully
Bad batteries find it difficult to get fully charged.

You may charge it for hours, overnight for example, and the mobile still never reaches 100%. That’s a sign of age and wear. It’s normal, and to be expected. The internal workings have become too weathered by use and can no longer hold the charge as normal.

Another bad sign is a phone battery that drops a significant amount of charge straight after disconnecting from the power supply.

7. Your Mobile Gets Excessively Hot
Cell phone batteries do get warm with use.

That’s to be expected.
But be aware of any deviations from the temperature you’re used to. Indeed, most batteries are designed to shield the heat by turning it inwards. Excessive heat coming through the back of the phone isn’t a good sign. Excessively hot mobiles can even be dangerous.

Consider getting a battery replacement if you notice it happening.

8. Your Mobile Battery Bulges
Got a bulging battery?

Step away from the phone!
It’s not a good sign. The phone can actually burst, and the battery might even explode. It isn’t particularly common, but you don’t want to be around if it happens (especially if it’s in your pocket…).

Bulging usually accompanies excessive heat. Keep an eye on both, and replace the battery as soon as possible when either is evident.

Time to Wrap Up
There you have it: 8 signs you need a new cell phone battery right now.

Mobile phone technology has come a long way. Unfortunately, the price we sometimes pay is decreased life expectancy! The phone battery is a common feature to burn out first. Don’t fix the problem in time, and your phone can pay the ultimate price.

Hopefully, the information here will prevent that from happening!

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