The next time you follow a young hunk home for a one night stand or for some much needed FuBu time, remember this study result, which may or may not apply to the guy you're banging.

According to this survey by a UK mattress company, young single men reported that they only change their sheets an average of once every three months. F-YUCKS! Via Time:
Single women reported swapping linens every two and a half weeks, while couples claimed to change sheets every two weeks. Of those couples, the study found 81% of those washing the sheets were women. Of the 2,004 interviewed, on average men admitted to owning only one set of sheets while women estimated around three selections.

Though it’s clear that females are cleaner overall, the results found that age is a factor as well. For those who answered once every three months, 55% were ages 18 to 25 with men accounting for 71%, while those who claimed to wash sheets once a week were in the 35 to 50 age range. Of the weekly washers, 62% were female. Indeed, 17% of single men participating in the study admitted that partners found their unhygienic practices unnerving compared to just 2% of women.
Eww, disgusting.

Lesson learned: It's more hygienic to date men who live on their own, aged 26 and above.