Technology is taking over everything - including children's bedtime stories. The InfiniScroll is a new app with a number of illustrations spliced to stitch together a story and flashing pictures that unravel as a child scrolls up and down the iPad screen.

“We wanted to break the linear format of traditional storytelling and create an app where kids were both taken in an ever-changing visual journey and in control of the narration,” said Luca Prasso, CEO of Curious Hat, the makers behind InfiniScroll and other kid-themed apps.

InfiniScroll is loaded with 80 drawings, each depicting a different object or character, for example a big-nosed astronaut or a smiling elephant head. Combining the images together and narratives leads to a vast array of permutations.

The app makes it easy for parents and children to create their own adventures by vertically stacking the illustrations. One story is made up of five connected panels that unfold from the bottom up. By scrolling up, a new drawing appears. Scrolling back down will give you a different image than before.

The drawings can be locked in place, and kids can even record and insert noises at each step of the narrative to breathe life into the imagery.

InfiniScroll is available at the iTunes App Store.