Samsung's Android Galaxy Camera was the first to dedicate it's shooter to let users upload their photos to their favorite social networks. But now, the Q camera here. And it beats Samsung's version, on price that is.

The five megapixel camera includes a non-swappable, 24-millimeter wide-angle manual focus lens with a reasonably fast f-2.4 aperture. A diffused LED ring flash surrounding the lens improves shots in low light conditions. On the back, there's a 2.7 inch LCD display for previewing shots.

The Q uses a microSIM and a 3G connection, and since every photo is automatically uploaded to an online account called theQ Lab, it'll be tough to shoot at a place where there is limited reception. There's 2GB of internal memory that can store 1,000 shots.

You can choose to share it to social networks like Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter by hitting the camera's upload button a second time.

It's a hard sell comparing it with Samsung's camera since it requires a 3G connection. What do you think? Would you pay for theQ? Did we mention it's waterproof too? [theQ Camera]