Finally, a smartphone microscope that produces crisp, high quality images. Just beyond what the eyes can see - there is an amazing microscopic world, waiting to be discovered. But not every phone magnifier is awesome. Many attempts to magnify with a single lens have created less than satisfactory images. 

Now, you can capture its wonder and beauty through our easy-to-use, multi-lens microscope. You can explore the world in 60x microscope. 60x started as a project at the Australian Science and Mathematics School, where we engaged students to explore the micro-world around them. Through this experience, we realized the limitations of the other products. So, we developed our own!

How is 60x different?

• Multiple-lens system - to create a crisp magnified image, with much less distortion and chromatic aberration than other brands.
• Full-screen image - we use a lens designed to capture a full view from the camera.
• No external lighting required - by reflecting the light from the camera's flashlight, we can light up an object in day or night.
• Easy to use - all you need to do is clip the microscope onto your phone and open your camera app.

The company is manufacturing a limited number of microscopes in time for Christmas. Find out more or order yours today at: 60X on Indiegogo

Check their Indiegogo page here.