The Riptide provides a unique blend of massive power and compact design, making it the perfect board
for commuters or travelers. Normally electric skateboards come in two categories: Premium Longboards
and Budget Shortboards. The Premium Longboards come with a ton of power, speed, and range and are
a blast to ride, but their long length makes them less convenient to carry and expensive. 

Budget Shortboards provide a small, convenient package but are often underpowered or come with lower
quality components. The Riptide R1 takes the powerful motors, high quality wheels, and wide trucks
from a Premium Longboard and fits it into a compact 31" deck, starting at $499 on Indiegogo.
The Riptide's high power and affordable price make it perfect for riding around campus, and its small
size mean you can slide it under a desk without headache. 

The Riptide's compact deck and built-in
handles make it easy bring on a train or to throw into the trunk of an Uber. The large, soft wheels make
the board perfect for poor city pavement. And lastly, the inclusion of headlights and tail lights will help
other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists see you at busy intersections at low light.

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