Everyone knows a photographer. Whether they’re a hobbyist, a wedding photographer or an archivist for National Geographic, photographers are always in search of the latest camera accessories. If you’re stumped on what gift to give your photographer for their big day, here are just a few of the coolest gadgets on the market.

1. GorillaPod

The trusty GorillaPod is a tripod with grip and flexibility so that he or she can take a photo in almost any awkward position. GorillaPods are made for smartphones, but other flexible tripods work well for other digital cameras. These tripods are great for taking selfies from tree branches, railing and any other surface the GorillaPod can grip.

2. Clip On iPhone Lenses

Another accessory for the iPhone is the clip on lens. Clip on lenses come in a variety of styles like macro, micro, telephoto, fisheye, wide-angle and more. Smartphone lenses are small, portable and can be stored in a purse or bag. They’re perfect for capturing that elusive shot if they’ve left their Nikon at home.

3. Portable White Balance Filter

White balance filters filter out green blue or red tint that shows up in photos due to poor lighting conditions. Using a white balance filter minimalizes photo-editing time and creates a professional shot. If your photographer loves new gadgets then this is the gift they need.

4. GoPro

If he or she likes to dabble in multimedia, a GoPro is a perfect gift. The amount of technology available encourages photographers to experiment with different mediums like photography and film. GoPros create first-hand experiences that immerse the audience in the experience. If your photographer lives an active lifestyle or has a penchant for filmmaking, the GoPro will suit them perfectly.

5. Drone

Camera drones are a cut above when it comes to the visual arts. Birds-eye filmmaking and photography is no longer reserved for studios and high-professionals. Drones put a birds-eye view at everyone’s fingertips to capture breathtaking shots. If he or she has a dream of catching that Planet Earth style shot, a drone is for them.

6. Wireless Shutter Release

Anyone who has ever taken a selfie has experienced the timed shutter release. Experienced photographers will love an electronic wireless shutter release because it allows them to capture photos remotely. No longer do they need to risk jiggling the camera and ruining a shot. These devices serve well for moving subjects such as children and animals.


The LENSPEN is a simple tool meant for cleaning a camera lens. Save them the trouble of pulling out a tissue and cleaner with an all-in-one LENSPEN. No moisture is needed to clean the lens and it’s so compact it takes up little room in their camera bag.

8. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

If you think they have everything, think again. The camera lens coffee mug is just what it sounds like—a travel mug that looks like a real professional lens. Cheers!

9. Fujifilm Instax Camera

Photography has come a long way in terms of definition, quality and sharpness, but vintage photography is still popular. If they love the look of old-fashioned photos or they want a throwback to their days as a child, a Fujifilm Instax camera provides that old-fashioned look. The fun of an Instax camera is that it’s spontaneous; it captures the moment without any time for deleting or perfecting. And who doesn’t love the anticipation of watching the image materialize from the film?

10. Selfie-Stick

Love it or hate it, the selfie-stick is here to stay. Selfie-sticks seem silly to some but it’s an inexpensive and useful device that’s perfect if you’re travelling solo or want a cheap selfie device.
Today, everyone is a photographer. There’s no longer a need for expensive gear to take beautiful photos and everyone can join in on the fun. Whether you have a novice photographer or a professional on your list, these gifts are sure to delight.