In today’s world, where social media, specifically Instagram is all the rage, everyone wants to get more and more followers and become a social media star. But there’s a difference between just dreaming and taking smart actions to achieve that dream. You need to put a great deal of effort to promote yourself on social media.

There are a lot of ways and best practices you need to follow that in the long term will lead to your social media success. But there’s one thing that I will be talking about in this post is promoting your Instagram account without having to spend hours in it, and beg others for likes and followers. 

There’s a way through which you can start to get more engagements to your Instagram profile almost instantly. Yes, Instantly! You are reading it right... Sounds cool??? Read on,, and I will tell you how.

What Is Vibbi and How it Helps You to Promote Your Instagram?

I know you are curious to know about it, so let's come straight to the point. Vibbi is basically trying to assist you in all your Instagram marketing needs. It offers various solutions like Instagram web viewer, that lets you search for and view Instagram profiles from the web, and Instaport, that lets you download and save Instagram images on your hard drive. 

Apart from the free tools, Vibbi offers Instagram Growth Service and that is what you need to comprehend so that you can start to grow your Instagram profile. Vibbi uses their most powerful organic marketing techniques that result in more followers.

Why Vibbi?

Vibbi’s growth service lets you buy Instagram likes, Instagram views, and followers. These followers are not fake, but real people who engage with your posts. That is the main difference between other companies and Vibbi. Vibbi got an edge over other companies by providing real Instagram through their organic marketing techniques.

Various Targeting Options

As mentioned above that these followers are real who engage with your posts, it clearly gives the sense that they are targeted followers. 

Vibbi offers 3 types of targeting options.

Target Your Competitor’s Followers:

Your competitors are already killing it, you want to target them? That’s possible with Vibbi. Just tell them who your competitors are, and leave it all to them. 

Target by Interest:

Want targeted followers who have an interest in your products? That’s also possible with Vibbi. Vibbi uses hashtags and other marketing techniques to target people based on their interest.

Target by Geolocation:

So you are local, and you are offering your services in a specific location. If this is the case then you will have no use of worldwide followers. Vibbi solves this problem by offering location-specific followers.


Apart from real growth, there are more reasons why you should use Vibbi over others. One of the mains reasons is that it is highly affordable. You can not compare it with its competitors. 

Vibbi’s pricing comes with two billing options.

Monthly: $48/month

Yearly: $348/month (SAVE $228)

Moreover, Vibbi offers a 3-day free trial that you can use to test their service. And there’s no credit card required to opt for the free trial. 

How to Get Started?

If you have not registered your account yet, then go to this link and fill in your details. And verify your email. Once you have set up your account, you will have to connect your Instagram account with Vibbi. After that, you can preferences like you will have targeting options like target by interest, target by geolocation etcetera. 

Now you are all set, you can now see your progress in the dashboard.