The evolution of technology has made the life of each individual easy. Technology has taken new steps in turning imagination into reality. The perfect example of how technology changed our life can start with a simple television. Have you ever thought that a TV can have both channels and high end games together?

Well, yes that has been made possible by Android TV Box. Now, you can turn your boring TV set into an exciting TV set with lot more to do than just simple channels surfing. An Android TV Box is a TV box which runs on Android operating system. Yes, it is the same operating system which runs on your mobile and tablet.

Android TV Box has set a new trend. Now, you can turn your TV into a live streaming station. Just imagine how it would be to sit at the comfort of your bean bag and being able to browse the web world in the giant screen or watch movies or just watch live TV. All these have been made possible by Android TV Box. If you are in no mood to change the soccer game, but still you are a little curious to know what is happening in the daily soap, no worries now you can record your favorite show. Android TV Box comes with the option of recording and keeping it for later watch. Android boxes are small in size and it comes with built in tuner.

Nowadays, live streaming is a headache.  All these problems have been thought about and sorted out while creating the Android TV Box. It has a strong wireless antenna which catches the internet connection easily, throughout the house. It is a one step solution for all your media needs.

Now, the question arises is how does the Android TV Box works?

All you need to do is, connect the box to your TV and setup the Wi-Fi connections and you are all ready to go. Once TV and internet both are connected with the box, the applications will star getting installed. You can download whatever application you want from Google play store and start operating it. Operating Android TV Box is as simple as that. You can get more ideas about the TV Box by visiting itv boxes and read guide of Android TV Box.

If you are thinking of replacing your cable box with Android TV Box, this is high time you take the step. There are so many things you can be done with Android TV Box that a simple cable box can never even think of. You can turn your TV into a high powered computer. Just think how it would be like to play your favorite game on a 42’ giant TV screen or just maybe opening the photo of a lovely dress on the TV. What more, you can even cut down on the cost of your yearly cable bill.

Before plunging into the investment, gather some knowledge about the features that Android TV Box has got in store for you.
  • It will let you browse internet on your TV screen
  • You can download different applications on your TV
  • It is capable of running all the applications available on Google play store
  • You can pause, record, re-wind or fast forward any shows you want
  • You can play video games
Android operating system is not really expensive. Therefore, the manufacturing also requires lesser amount of money. This in turn makes the Android TV Box much cheaper than other live streaming devices available in the market.

Wondering why Android TV Box and not other media players?

Here is the answer Android TV Box offers much more flexibility than any other device. You can download or install just any app you want. For example if you want to install Kodi, you can just go to Google Play Store, search for Kodi and just click on install. Whereas, some of the other media players don’t allow app to run, to run other than the app they are offering.

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