Technology is everywhere. It is incorporated in every facet of our lifestyle. So much so that now it is hard to assume our lifestyle without the use the different types of technological apparatus we use every day. It affects us in areas like socializing, shopping, playing and it even has educational benefits. If you want to know about anything under the sun, the related information is just a click away.

It is high time that the schools realize the importance of this technology to change the face of our educational system. Not only that technology can bring about a change in perception of the students and bring about a change of attitude towards studying. 

Here, I am going to list down 10 reasons why it is essential for students to have technology on the classroom:

1. Professionals are getting tech-savvy day by day. So if you want the children in schools to have a chance at in the big bad competitive world, it is safe to say that schools are the right place where they should be made comfortable with the use of technology.

2. When learning through technology in schools, children get hands on practical view of the theory they have learnt in the classrooms. This helps to connect with the topic and gives them a wider and more practical perspective making understanding and remembering the theory easier. Also learning their courses through technology makes learning more fun eventually inclining them towards the whole process of education.

3. Introducing technology in classrooms brings about increase in team work and interaction among the students as it increases practical participation which is usually done together in teams. The child learns to depend and trust his classmate and also learns the importance of gaining trust.

4. Technology acts as the doorway to the real world. Whatever subject it may be, a home tutor  can share virtual tours with his students increasing their knowledge more than what the course books have to offer.

5. Like everything in life, technology also comes with its share of cons. A responsible use of the technology is inculcated in the students under the watchful eye of the teachers, thus using the technology only because of its pro factors.

6. Access of information about a particular topic from the syllabus has never been easier with the use of technology. Children can bypass spending money on tutorials as every information in the world is barely a click away.

7. Technology makes the boring learning factor more interesting. The generation of today is more inclined towards technology so it is easier to steer them towards topics which would have been difficult without the use of technology.

8. Technology inculcates the habit of thinking among the children instead of believing whatever is told to them by the teacher in the classroom. They want to quench their thirst for curiosity hence increasing their overall general knowledge.

9. Technology also helps children keep themselves up to date as to what is happening in the world around them. This helps them have a sharper brain and greater conversational skills.

10. Last but not the least technology is essential for the all round mental and academic growth of children in schools.

It is a known fact that the whole world revolves around technology and this is a fact that needs to be very fast accepted by the educational institutions for the betterment of the students.