With the fast pace of gaming technology these days it can often feel like we are lost in the latest Triple-A titles. There is an obsession with the next big thing, or the new iteration of a gaming series like Call of Duty. For those who want a path to gaming a little more sedate, the retro scene offers plenty of choice, and most importantly is the home of some classics. Here are some old games that have managed to remain popular:

Donkey Kong

While we tend to forget this, Donkey Kong is a character that actually came before Nintendo’s favourite character Mario. While Mario still holds top place in the hearts of fans, Kong still remains a dominant force. This has come because of an extension in his family with characters like Diddy Kong, but arguably the best Kong game is the 1981 original. With people obsessed with getting, and keeping the top score on this classic, Donkey Kong will always have a place in gamer’s hearts.

Online Slots and Bingo

Even before we began playing computer games,  bingo halls and slot machines were available for people to play to their hearts content. Now in the era of the internet we are able to play these  games either in their old retro style or even in more complex and adventurous ways such as mobile bingo. Making full use of technological advantages, the makers of the online slots games have managed to keep this form of retro gaming interesting, and most importantly entertaining.


Pac-Man holds similar fame as the likes of Donkey Kong, emerging into the arcade world in 1980. Becoming the obsession of many, this is one game that has definitely survived the test of time and is still seen as one of the most iconic game characters of all time.

There are plenty of retro games out there that could have made this list, but alas we only had space for three. I’m sure many think that Mario and Sonic should be here, but we took a look at some of the older retro options, to liven things up a little.