That shiny, brand-new camera you bought can do a lot of things, you know! In fact, you might have owned a camera for years and never unleashed its true potential. That’s perfectly fine, but it’s still fun to take a look at what’s behind the hood! The results might just surprise you.

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Before we get started, let me remind you that these features will only be found on high-spec DSLR cameras. These are the cameras that you’ll find at places like 42nd Street Photo; not the disposable camera shop down the street! You’ve got to be willing to pay for the best if you want some of these features, but do your research before you buy anything just to make sure.

Voice Memos

Some DSLR cameras come equipped with a little microphone on the back. You might have noticed it and had no idea what it could be for. Well, it’s actually so you can record voice memos! When you take a picture, you sometimes don’t remember where you were in years to come. I’m sure we’ve all had those conversations where we’ve struggled to identify the location! A voice memo adds an audio clip to the photo to allow the recording of important information.

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Dust Mapping

Cameras can’t avoid dust all the time, even when they are equipped with features to get rid of it! While cameras use a shaking technique to brush it away, another feature that you’ll find on some models is dust mapping. This is some complicated mumbo-jumbo that most of us won’t fully understand! To sum it up, though, it acts as a way of letting you remove dust spots through software later on. Snazzy!

Depth Of Field Preview

A viewfinder is an important tool when it comes to taking a picture, but it isn’t always 100% accurate. While it might seem perfect when snapping the photo, the resulting image can look blurry and out of focus. Some DSLR’s are equipped with a button on the back or the side which gives you a depth of field preview. You can then adjust as necessary to allow you to take the perfect picture.

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Some models of DSLR cameras are fitted with a leveling feature for handheld users. It’s never quite easy enough to figure out whether the camera is level when you’re taking a photo. By having this feature on the screen on the back, you can see just how straight the picture is. Say goodbye to wonky photos forever!

Custom Firmware

You can add custom firmware to practically any piece of technological equipment, and it can change the way it operates. By installing new firmware, you open yourself up to new possibilities in terms of features. The problem with it is that it invalidates your warranty in many cases. Also, custom firmware isn’t as reliable as the firmware that is provided by the manufacturer. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you start installing it as it can be very difficult to revert back.