You probably didn’t know any other habits that almost everyone shares.

1. You actually start taking selfies in public.

You probably wouldn’t have done this if you were holding a real camera, made by a camera manufacturer / brand. How silly would you look? Haha! No, you absolutely don’t look silly when you do it with your phone.

2. You let it control your day.

Admit it. It is an extension of you. Nearly one in three people will say they rather lose their wallet than their phone. Thankfully, there’s device protection. Here’s one of the best you can check out. Still, you’d RATHER NOT lose it.

3. Texting and driving.

You’ve seen PSAs. You’ve heard of people getting killed by it. So seriously. Don’t do it. Stop right now. Make a change. 

4. Texting and walking.

If this video isn’t a harrowing experience enough for you to wean you off texting and walking, then we don’t know what will. But seriously, like texting and driving, this is serious. 

5. Now you use emojis.

And you use them excessively. Gone were the days of using real words to describe something. This falls short of annoying and rude. You can’t be cute ALL THE TIME.

6. Refusing to part with it.

If you had to change it for a lower spec model, your world would crumble. At the very least, find out what new phone you can get from your telco. Celcom. The NewPhone™ feature lets you switch out to the best and latest without the hassle of a plan attached to it.

7. Ignoring people around you.

Smartphones were supposed to make us more informed since it connected us to a world larger than we can imagine. The only issue: it’s made us more rude in a social context.

8. Replace reading books with reading what’s on social media.

Quick. Name a book you’ve read recently. Is it called “Facebook Timeline”?

9. Over cleaning it.

If only you were ever so diligent in cleaning your countertops, the kitchen, changing your bedsheets, and frequently replacing your towels. The only thing cleaner than your smartphone is probably your underwear (which we hope you change on a daily basis!)

Strive to make your smartphone a better extension of you, instead of keeping any of these habits.

Upgrade to a newer device every time it comes out without the hassle of a plan attached to it and pair it with a 10GB plan (5GB monthly and 5GB weekend Internet) for RM80/month when you subscribe to First Gold.