Vintage spy tech was awesome, and this must be where James Bond movies get its inspiration from. Because you certainly wouldn't expect any of these things to be spy-tech related, right? Check it out below:

The Explosive Chocolate Bar was used by Nazi spies in an attempt to assassinate Winston Churchill.

German bombs that looked like every day objects so that British soldiers would pick them up and carry them.

The Hand Fan - women's fashion used to smuggle messages across enemy lines.

The CIA's “Rectal Escape Kit” used to hide stuff up agents' butts to use in the aid of escaping a prison.

Cipher Disks - displaying a scrambled alphabet and coded messages and assembled via the cipher.

Matchbox Camera - made by Kodak for agents of the Office of Strategic Services during WW2.

British specialists spent years trying to perfectly hide radios in biscuit tins.

Cigarette Gun Case - it houses cyanide tipped bullets.

Bicycle Charger - it could be attached to a bicycle and used to power radios.

Earthen Jar - used as an eavesdropping tool as far back as 475 BCE.

Pigeons. Obviously.

‘Kiss Of Death’ Lipstick Gun - Tiny pistols hidden in tubes of lipstick.

Invisible Ink.

Martini Olive Microphone