Can you remember how some of your most popular and favorite sites looked like when it first launched? Here's taking a look back at the year they came out, versus now. Basically, they look entirely different! And much better too! What a difference, design makes!

Facebook 2004

Facebook: Now

Amazon 1995

Amazon: Now

AOL 1994

AOL: Now

Silicon Alley Insider (pre-Business Insider) 2008

Business Insider: Now

Buzzfeed 2006

Buzzfeed: Now

eBay 1995

eBay: Now

Flickr 2004

Flickr: Now

Foursquare 2009

Foursquare: Now

Google 1998

Google: Now

Instagram 2011

Instagram: Now

LinkedIn 2003

LinkedIn: Now

MySpace 2003

MySpace: Now

Pinterest 2010

Pinterest: Now

Reddit 2005

Reddit: Now

The Huffington Post  2005

The Huffington Post: Now

The New York Times 1996

The New York Times: Now

Tumblr 2007

Tumblr: Now

Twitter 2006

Twitter: Now

Uber 2010

Uber: Now

Wikipedia 2001

Wikipedia: Now

Yahoo 1994

Yahoo: Now

Yelp 2004

Yelp: Now

YouTube 2005

YouTube: Now