Big Data Developer Skills (Must Required)

149 zettabytes

This is the volume of data that would be created across the globe by 2024.

Big Data and Analytics Software revenue across the world in 2019 reached a whopping USD 69 billion.

What is a Conformal Coating, and why use it on PCB?

In recent years, the range of electronic components has become more and more diverse. The progressive miniaturization of electronic components and circuits creates new challenges in assembly, control of electronic modules, and above all, their protection. Various methods of potting have been used for decades to protect electronic circuits. This technology is efficient, but the application of a protective coating can be cumbersome. The elimination of individual defects has led to the creation of a new technology called conformal coating.

Laptop vs. Desktop: Which is Right For You?

The first laptop came out in 1981. 

A lot has happened since the first laptop came out. There are multiple kinds of laptop and computer brands. Laptops can last hours and can offer multiple features when compared to a desktop computer. 

Top 5 Benefits of Building a Smart Home

What would be the ideal way to self-isolate during the global pandemic?

Well, we can guess that most people would rather cozy up in a serene location that has all the amenities - electricity, internet, and maybe an entertainment system.

The Best Tech Items for Your Home Office

When you begin working from home, you may miss some of the comforts of the office. You also need some of the office tech items to remain efficient at your job. You can set up a great home office with a few basic tech items, and add more as you go. You may start your shopping with  new computer or computer accessories. If you work with clients or have meetings over the computer, you must also have a good microphone. Many people need different items for work and personal use. With some smart shopping, you can have  your office ready quickly. 

Top Proven Tactics To Increase Real Instagram Followers For Business!

Whether an entrepreneur or a company, promoting brand image has become a challenging task for everyone, and Instagram has proven to provide an excellent opportunity to the business to reach out to a wide range of audiences with one platform only. Therefore, to promote your product in the potential market, you need genuine Instagram followers who engage with your content daily to grab interest deals. 

Business Intelligence in the finance department

The main role of business intelligence in the financial sector is based on collecting, processing, and analyzing financial data in real time to improve the decision-making process. Analyzing data can provide financial companies/departments with crucial insights into future trends and help to anticipate and calculate risks that specific decisions may bring. 

What are the main benefits of PPC advertising?

You may have had a great time working in Internet marketing, so you may have heard of pay per click (PPC) advertising. A popular advertising channel, PPC has many tricks to improve your online traffic and get more potential customers. Just when you get to know its main benefits, you'll keep coming back. PPC is an online promotion spike. In this type of marketing, you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. The instant benefit you will get is that you can fly directly to the top of the lineup.

New HVAC Technologies That’s Worth the Money

Lately, HVAC technology has improved vastly. The new HVAC systems are more energy-efficient and easy to maintain. The heating and cooling systems not only employ advanced technology to regulate the temperature of your house but they are also eco-friendly. Basically, they are worth spending your money on. Initially, these systems may appear expensive, but wait until they are in operation. This is when you realize how cost-saving they are.

The Real Reason Microsoft Gave Us Solitaire and Minesweeper in Windows

Ever wondered why there were so few games that came in default in Windows and they were always Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts, and FreeCell? Turns out, those Playing Games were designed for a purpose greater than passing the time.

Review on FamiSafe location tracker app

Wondershare FmaiSafe control appFamiSafe control application is made specially to safeguard kids by keeping them away from danger. It is best for parents as it helps them to track their kids' location; moreover, it has many advanced features that enable the parents to keep an eye on their kids. These advanced features include blocking inappropriate websites, detect suspicious photos and also detects suspicious texts, etc. 

The 14 Weirdest Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

The importance of Bitcoin as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies is undeniable. Nowadays, businesses encourage the use of digital currency in an effort to expand the consumer base. There are numerous advantages that a merchant can gain, and for the customers, security sells the deal. No matter the currency you have, you do not want it to be a waste.

Why Your Small Business Needs a Virtual Phone Number

No matter how small your business is – even a solo operation – a phone number has always been and always will be a must; there's just no substitute for human voice interaction as a way to gain trust and establish long-standing relations. If you're getting a phone for your small business, it should be a virtual one. 

Learn About Bitcoin and Bitcoin Trading Platform

Bitcoins are the most popular form of digital currency that is widely used by growing numbers of merchants worldwide. Many traders and investors also use this type of cryptocurrency because of its much faster and efficient payment method. Anyone can trade bitcoin as long as you have the fundamental knowledge about bitcoin trading. There is a lot of online trading web platform like, and they can help you in your trading ventures. You must be cautious before proceeding as there is no room for mistakes in the bitcoin economy.

Your Guide to Bitcoin Virtual Currency.

You might be familiar with the term digital currency. Digital currency is a very independent and noncentralized venture or manifesto that works in a very amazing fashion so that it can facilitate its users in the best possible way. Out of several digital currencies that are available for digital traders some have very reputed and well-known identity. Bitcoin cryptocurrency is one of these.

Reasons Why Automated Crypto Trading System Is Still A Trend in 2021

In life, having an extra revenue source is an advantage. You can use something in times of crisis. Fortunately, bitcoin trading came into the scene.

As you enter the crypto market, you will need automated trading systems. The software will help you grow your hard-earned money as thousands of others do.

Discouraging Freemium Abuse with Email Address Verification

An effective way to convince target customers to use an enterprise’s product or service is to offer free trials or freemium plans. Some brands have been quite successful in using the freemium acquisition model. Spotify, Dropbox, Trello, and MailChimp are just a few examples. Aside from being a good marketing and pricing strategy, it also effectively brings down customer acquisition costs, allowing companies to maximize profits.

Buy Instagram Followers Cheap

Instagram has become one of the reference social networks and that is why there are more and more formulas to get followers. On Instagram there are many types of users and not all use the application for the same purposes, so you cannot make generalizations that serve everyone, but we will try to clarify the issue for those seeking information on how to increase your followers on Instagram.
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