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Is the Metaverse a new concept?

The correct answer is no; it is an old concept. The Metaverse is an alternate reality that exists parallel to our world. An idea that has been used in literature, film, and television for decades.

We often do not call it that, but it is a reality in our daily lives. The Metaverse is an alternate reality with the same physical laws as our world.

The characters inhabiting the Metaverse relate to us in some way and can experience similar situations. Therefore, we can consider it as a parallel world to ours.

The concept of an alternate reality is not something new. The term's first use dates back to 1928, in the novel "A divided world." This concept, which may seem very difficult to understand, has many practical applications in our daily lives and is used by various literary and film characters.

Understanding the Metaverse is critical to using it

It is the first step to making real change because what at first may seem impossible, with the proper knowledge and practice, becomes a reality.

The Metaverse is not a technical or scientific concept. It is a reality that exists in the physical world, but that we cannot see because our minds are programmed to believe that only tangible and known objects exist, this environment is a kind of infinite space where thousands of universes parallel to ours inhabit and where magic and the impossible become possible.

The Interconnection of the Metaverse

People living in another country or continent with the same beliefs and aspirations are connected in this multidimensional space. The interconnection of the Metaverse occurs due to the same technological advances that have allowed the evolution of tools to benefit virtual and augmented reality resources.

Cyberspace is the result of the interconnection of the Metaverse. Technology allows us to enter virtual reality, thus making our thoughts materialize in this tangible world.

Although most people are unaware of it, cyberspace is just as real as our physical world.

The popularization of the Metaverse by Facebook

The proposal with which the goal is promoted in 2021 towards the Metaverse has allowed thousands of people to connect and share information instantly, increasing the interconnection in the existing Metaverse worlds.

The use of virtual reality contains advantages over the physical world that are ideal for many, such as no traffic or environmental contamination, faster trips, and no climatic or political problems.

In addition, the creation of tools that facilitate the use of these spaces for all types of people has shown that it is a technology-driven reality in which we live, evolving by leaps and bounds.

The future of the Metaverse is excellent. Its main benefit lies in the infinite possibilities it offers us to explore our imaginary worlds and discover new places and characters, always considering not to immerse yourself fully.

The investment options are extensive, but the main one has a credit card that allows you to access and purchase products and services in the virtual world.

Although free for all its users, we must keep sight of companies participating in generating income from selling products or services.

This technology is a virtual world where you can do various activities, from buying a house or building a business to meeting people and having virtual friends.


The Metaverse is a virtual world in which we can do many things. It is a beautiful way to spend your free time since the activities are endless and can vary from world to world.

Finally, this type of virtual reality space offers endless proposals that adapt to each user, ranging from meeting people and having virtual friends; to frequenting bars, restaurants, or nightclubs; to enjoying trips abroad without leaving home. Without a doubt, the Metaverse is just around the corner.