Human beings are all meant to be an intelligent species. The sad truth is that many of us are from intelligent. That’s despite having a proper school education. And getting instilled into us the core values that make us differentiate between right and wrong.

I’ve seen examples where people have had college diplomas and university degrees. But some of those people lacked one basic thing that everyone should have: common sense! Whoever said that you “can’t fix stupid” might be right.


If you are a car owner, you should at least try to behave like a responsible motorist on the road. Make sure you don’t do these stupid things!

Overloading your car

I’ve seen a lot of idiotic driving examples in my time, but one that’s up there with the worst of them is overloading your car!

All cars have a limit to the amount of weight that they can carry. Various items like tires, suspension and even your car’s chassis can only handle a certain amount of weight. Anything over the weight limit and your car will become dangerous to drive and be inside of.

Are you are moving home or need to carry a lot of cargo? If so, you should make sure that the items you put in your car don’t exceed the weight limit your car can handle. It’s better to make more trips and be safe, rather than fewer trips and have the potential to kill yourself and other people!

You can usually find out what the weight limit of your car is by checking the details underneath the VIN plate under the hood.

Driving with defective tires

Today’s modern cars are clever enough to tell you whether your tires have low pressure or not. But what they can’t tell you is whether those bands of steel and vulcanized rubber are defective or not.

The only way you can find that out is by doing a thorough visual inspection of each tire. Many people lead busy lives, and so they assume their auto shop will check their tires when their cars get booked in for a service.

What those car owners don’t realize is that their tires can become defective between services or oil changes! Defective tires are bad news for many different reasons. First, there is the safety aspect. If your tires have bulges, sag or have rips and tears in them, there is a chance they will blow as you drive your car.

As you can imagine, that’s a pretty dangerous situation to be in. Especially if you are driving at speed on the Interstate, for instance! Second, there is the legal side of things to consider. If you get caught driving a car with defective tires, expect fines and citation notices.

It’s just not worth driving a car with bad tires. Make sure you check yours on a weekly basis, and if you spot anything wrong with them, have someone replace them for you as soon as possible.

Driving a clunker

It’s no secret that some people can’t afford to buy a “good” car because of their low income. If they need a car to get to work, they will often have no choice but to buy a clunker!

Even if you are flat broke, you should never drive a clunker. They will be unreliable, dangerous on the road and can get you in a whole heap of legal hot water. Instead, it would be better to save up some cash and buy a better car through the Drive website.


Until then, get a bus to work or ask someone to give you a lift. Make sure you do the right thing!

Driving a stick-shift

The thing about cars with manual gearboxes is that not everyone can master how to change gears well. That might be part of the reason most people in the United States drive an automatic car!

It always pains me to see and hear people that have no idea how to drive a manual car. Redlining in each gear, and crunching gears between shifts are all surefire ways to kill your gearbox. They can even kill your motor too.

Please don’t become one of those people that drives a stick-shift! Get some expert tuition if you can’t remember your clutch biting point.

Take some lessons if you’re a little rusty on driving a manual. But, for the love of all that is good in this world, please don’t drive a manual if you don’t know how to do so!

Never servicing your car

Some folks just drive their cars until they stop working. They are usually people that buy clunkers for a few bucks, and their cars doubtless have more filler than metal in the bodywork!

They don’t think there is any point trying to fix up a lemon. With the small amount of money they paid for the car, they are reluctant to spend money on servicing and maintenance. That approach to motoring is such a stupid one for so many reasons.

If you buy a car, it’s because you need it to get you to your destinations without issue. If you never service your car, it’s likely your car will break down often. In worst-case scenarios, the motor might even seize!

It’s also no good for your wallet. Cars that don’t have a regular service will use more gas, and that means your theory of buying a clunker to save cash goes right out the window. And then there is the environmental aspect. Can you live with the fact that your lemon is killing our planet?

The moral of the story? Make sure you service and maintain your car, regardless of whether it’s five or fifteen years old!

I hope you have found today’s blog post both entertaining and enlightening at the same time. I also hope that it will help you to be a better motorist on the road. Thanks for reading it today and good luck!