It is interestingly popular these days to see beautiful designs of cravats worn especially by men at different ceremonies such as weddings, church services, parties, official gatherings, military and para-military ceremonial attires etc. The use of cravat cut across different races, cultures and ethnic nationalities.

The method or type of cravat is worn could also differ between cultures. Different nationalities wear cravat for different purpose and occasions to suit their style, weather and culture. Even men from cultures that do not originally wear cravat as part of cultural attires have found it fashionable to assimilate the wearing of cravat into their cultural ceremonial attires.  

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Cravat will always remain fashionable because of the beauty it adds to your dressing no matter the occasion or ceremony. Overtime, it has evolved with more trendy and unique types.

As you know, fashion has an independent voice of its own; it speaks its own language and you do not need to question a man to know who they are or what their personality is. Dressing with a cravat brings out your personality. As a man, wearing a cravat for that ceremony stand you out, it gives you confident and style that you cannot but be noticed. Right from the 17th century when the Croatians introduced cravat to France, it was because of the beauty and uniqueness it added to their dressing that made King Louis XIV to adopt it for the French nobility. 

Cravat are made from different cloth materials like silks, linen, polyester etc. there are  also types of cravat worn by men for different occasions. These are the oriental, Napoleon Tie, Mathematical, Nabog Tie American Tie, Mail Coach Tie, Irish Tie, Ballroom Tie, Trone d’ Amour, Hunting Tie, Horse Collar Tie etc. Whatever style or type of cravat you chose to wear for that occasion just remember that you are the centre of attraction. All eyes are on you because you are beautiful.