Lawn care professionals have all the necessary equipment and tools to look after your lawn, but homeowners do like to look after their gardens. If this is you, then you have come to the right place. And even if you ask a lawn care in Marietta Company to take care of all the moss, thatch, and weeds, they will still need your help. And this is what this article will cover today. You must take care of your lawn too to allow the garden to reach its full potential. The tips that you will read here will surely make your yard feel and look good. 

The weather, for example, will have a lot of influence on how your lawn looks, and also its condition, and unfortunately, no one has any control over it. For growth and germination, wet and warm weather is the best. Dry summer and scorching heat can damage the plants and the grass of the lawn. You might see a lot of brown patches appearing during that time. 


Mowing is essential to get rid of the unwanted growth of the grass, but it does much more than that. If you do correct mowing, you will encourage quality and steady growth of the grass. Ideally, the grass of the lawn should be long enough to be healthy and at the same time, short enough to look attractive. Here are some of the tips that you can follow. 

From March to October, make sure to cut the grass frequently. During the winters, do a light trimming.
Never cut the grass extremely short. The thumb rule is to allow the grass to have 1.5 inches height. If you wait for the grass to grow too long, and cutting it extremely short afterwards will put stress on the grass. And it will become weak and unhealthy. 
During the dry weather, you should keep the grass long enough to retain moisture. 


The next thing that you should look after is how frequently you should be watering, and when is the best time to water. Water is necessary for your lawn to survive. However, if you water too much, the plants will dry. That’s why you should know how much is enough. 
Dry water is the time when you should be watering your lawn regularly. If you have cut your grass, make sure to water it more frequently. 
In every one or two weeks, water your garden heavily during the warm weather. Ensure that the water is able to reach the roots so that all the plants grow well. 

Trees, shrubs, and debris 

Your lawn will surely have tress; it means that during fall weather, leaves will start to fall. Don’t wait for the leaves to pile up because that decreases the charm of the lawn. You should clean your lawn regularly, and keep it free from debris and shrubs. 

If you see debris on the lawn, you must make sure to clear it as fast as possible else there will be bare patches. 
If you have overhanging trees that are going through water and food shortage, that could be a problem for your lawn. Re-seeding can happen every year. You may want to get rid of them. 
If there are any lower branches, remove them. 
During drought, start watering the trees. 

Whenever you feel that your lawn needs professional help, always hire local lawn service in Atlanta company. The good thing about hiring experts is that they don’t need to be told what should be done. They are experienced, and they know exactly what your lawn needs. That’s why to get in touch with Arbor-Nomics Turf for lawn care needs.