Tech myths are here to stay unfortunately, but if you want to be savvy enough, just check out a bunch of myths that aren't true at all. Put them to rest and spread the word. Here are a bunch of 13 tech myths you should stop believing already:

1. Macs don't get viruses. FALSE.

2. Emptying the trash can does not delete your files forever.

3. Magnets will not destroy your data.

4. The camera with the most megapixels will not take the best photos.

5. Gold plated HDMI cables are not superior to normal ones.

6. Charging your phone overnight won't damage your battery. There was a time this was true, but battery technology has advanced since then.

7. You do not need to drain your battery, ever.

8. If you post a status, pic, or anything else declaring you disagree with an agreement you've made online does not invalidate the agreement.

9. Jailbreaking your phone is not illegal. In most places.

10. Putting metal in the microwave won't always make it spark. But still, don't even think of doing it. Please.

11. The strength of your signal is not the strength of your phone call. The bars represent the signal of the nearest cell tower.

12. Private browsing does not hide your information. ISP, ad trackers, and the sites you visit can still track you.

13. Playing video games won't make you fat, lazy, or violent. You'll have no social life if you play it for hours end every day of your life, though.