So Maze Runner Has a Sequel: The Scorch Trials [TRAILER]

Anyone who watched Maze Runner was probably left shocked and confused as to what was going on, or if was there ever a point to this show. Anyway, here's the sequel showing up, proving there might be a reason for all that running around after all.

Watch How Michael Fassbender Looks Exactly Like Steve Jobs in This Trailer

Michael Fassbender stars as Steve Jobs in this latest attempt to make a proper movie about the guy who made you want to pay ridiculous amounts of money for your iPhone. Does he look like Steve? In some angles, yes!

Watch The Latest "True Detective" Trailer [VIDEO]

Season 2 for True Detective is about to air, and here's its latest trailer. Pay attention to Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch's relationship. This looks good. Watch after the jump:

Watch The First Trailer For DC's "Legends of Tomorrow," a Flash and Arrow Spinoff [VIDEO]

DC's universe is quickly expanding to more TV shows and it's all just good news for all of us. There is going to be a spinoff for both Arrow and Flash and it is called DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

It will have a lot of familiar faces in it like Firestorm, Captain Cold, Heatwave, ATOM and White Canary. 

Robert de Niro is Anne Hathaway's Intern. Watch The Trailer:

Robert de Niro is a natural born comedian. Here's one of his latest, playing the role of an intern and he's working for Anne Hathaway. Check out the trailer below:

One More Minions Trailer Before You Enjoy The Movie [VIDEO]

A Minions movie to sell more Minions merchandise. It's clever, really. Thankfully, it's actually quite entertaining too. Here's one more trailer before you get to enjoy the whole movie. Check it out below:

Ladies, Want To See More of Channing Tatum's Abs? Here's The Latest Magic Mike XXL Trailer

Abs, male strippers, Channing Tatum, and many more muscular goodness is in this latest trailer for Magic Mike XXL. If looking at hot, steamy and handsome men isn't your thing, we suggest you move on now.

Vin Diesel Wields a Sword in "The Last Witch Hunter" [TRAILER]

Vin Diesel gets another movie and it's not about cars this time. It's about him being 'The Last Witch Hunter.' And in it, he wields a sword. Should be good right? Check it out below:

Tom Hardy Plays Two Roles in "Legend" [TRAILER]

If one Tom Hardy wasn't enough, now there's two Tom Hardys in a movie. That's right! Watch the trailer for 'Legend' in the video below. He plays a badass killer in the true story of the rise and fall of London's most notorious gangsters, Reggie and Ron Kray.

Here's The Latest War and Madness from the Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer

More chaos, More madness. This is the latest Mad Max trailer and it's got all the works of a beautiful action movie. Check it out after the jump. This final trailer might just be the best yet.

Watch The Redband Trailer for Ted 2 [NSFW]

The profanity-filled-inappropriate-for-children redband trailer for Ted 2 is finally here. And just like that, all you've known about cute teddy bears have been destroyed. Check it out below:

Johnny Depp is Unrecognizable in "Black Mass" [TRAILER]

Johnny Depp is in a new movie called Black Mass where he portrays Whitey Bulger, a convicted murderer and organized crime figure. Check out the trailer below:

Latest Trailer for Tomorrowland Reveals More Amazing Footage [VIDEO]

Tomorrowland already looks like a cinematic experience you don't want to miss out, and now they've got a new trailer, where it reveals more footage, including gun-armed robots. Check it out below:

Check Out The Epic Dinosaurs in The New Jurassic World Trailer

The new Jurassic World trailer shows off quite a bit of dinosaurs in the film, and they look pretty real and gorgeous compared to the versions before this. Not bad at all. Check it out below:

Pretty real!

Latest Trailer for Fantastic Four Arrives and It's Intense! [VIDEO]

We may not agree so much with the casting choice, but the latest Fantastic Four trailer does show it's going to be an action-packed film. Maybe we should just give it a chance. Here's the new trailer below:

Here's The Official Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

The trailer leak on Thursday must have prompted the original and clearer copy trailer to come out earlier than expected. Here's checking it out. Will LEGO Batman beat up Superman? What do you think?

Terminator Genisys Has a New Trailer And It Reveals Some Really Important Things [VIDEO]

The new Terminator Genisys completely ditches the old storyline for something that will blow you away. Will this work? Will it even make sense? Do we have to unwatch every single Terminator now? Check it out below:

Marvel's New Antman Trailer is Out and It's Pretty Amazing [VIDEO]

There's a new Antman trailer out and it looks a whole lot better than the last one, with more action footage than before. Check it out after the jump. Let's hope this is good.

Watch the trailer below:
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