The Tollywood movie industry comprises of Tamil movies and it is one of the fastest growing movie industries in the world. It has been steadily gaining popularity for the past couple of years. Some Tamil movie actors have also been introduced in mainstream Bollywood whereas some mainstream Bollywood actors and actresses have also starred in Tamil movies.

Because of the rising popularity, many of us have recently started getting interested in Tamil movies and the Tamil Cinema News. But the biggest question with Tamil movies is how do we watch them? Here are a couple of ways you can start off looking for Tamil movies:


The very first and the most obvious answer is YouTube. There is an abundance of Tamil movies on YouTube just waiting to be watched. It is possible that the latest movies are not updated on YouTube and some may still not be available because of copyright issues. Even so, because of its range of video quality and fast and efficient streaming, YouTube is your best bet when it comes to watching Tamil movies. If you have no luck finding the movies of your choice there, you can take up any of these other options:

Online Streaming on Other Websites

Your next best option is streaming for Tamil movies online. You would be surprised to hear that there are many sites online that exist for the sole purpose of streaming Tamil movies. One example of such a website is Other popular examples of Tamil entertainment websites are and 

You can also get subscriptions to websites like where Tamil movies are easily available for a small fee that you have to pay for the subscription package.

Streaming Tamil movies is not the only feature these websites offer; in fact, you can also watch all the popular Tamil TV serials on these sites along with the movies. Websites like are dedicated to listing out Tamil movie websites and directing you towards the most reliable ones. You are sure to watch Tamil movies easily this way.


One of the easiest ways to watch Tamil movies is on a video player when it is already downloaded on your computer. The problem arises when you realize that there are very few reliable downloading options. The first and the easiest downloading option we can give you is YouTube. Apps like Snap Tube allow you to download any YouTube video there is. Other than that, many of the above mentioned websites also offer reliable movie downloads. You can even download these movies through bittorrent but only if the laws are not too strict in your country!


This is an option which will have you spending a little bit of money. You can actually buy Tamil movies on DVDs and Blu-ray from your nearest retailer. It may take a while for the movies to be available in good print but buying DVDs is the most hassle-free way to watch Tamil movies easily.