Here’s more reasons to make sure you catch the Anchorman sequel. According to sources, there's an epic fight scene that's being filmed in Atlanta's Woodruff Park, which includes a dream list of celebrities ranging from Jim Carrey to Kanye West.

Here's the full list of cameos that will be showing up on screen:
  • Sacha Baron Cohen: BBC news
  • Kanye West: MTV news
  • Tina Fey: Entertainment news
  • Amy Poehler: Entertainment news
  • Jim Carrey: Canadian news team
  • Marion Cotillard: Canadian news team
  • Will Smith: ESPN
  • Liam Neeson: History Channel
  • John C. Reilly: The ghost of Stonewall Jackson (really)
  • Harrison Ford: news reporter, Mack Tannen
  • Kirsten Dunst: Trumpet sounder who started the news team fight.