PS4 these days is way more than just a gaming console. It is a browser, movie player, and data storage device and can be used for streaming too, with the emergence of streaming apps such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO and others. Therefore, along with gaming most people prefer watching their favorite shows on the PS4 console too. 

However, as you may already know, Netflix along with the other popular streaming services, imposes heavy geographical restrictions on all of its available content. The largest Netflix catalog is that of the US, which means you cannot access the most popular and trending shows if you are not based in United States. However, a good VPN – Virtual Private Network, can easily solve this problem and you can get Netflix on PS4.

How a VPN unblocks Netflix on PS4:

A VPN changes your IP address, enabling you to appear anonymously and thus bypass any restrictions that are in place. 

A VPN enables you to select the streaming service that you want to unblock, connecting you to the servers that can unblock Netflix while maintaining the best speeds and an overall performance. 

Best VPN for unblocking Netflix on PS4:

Ivacy can be termed as the best option for unblocking Netflix on PS4. It has the following features:

Fast Speeds:

Ivacy offers the best speeds and has been the recipient of the Fastest VPN award by in 2019. 

No Logs:

Ivacy follows a strict No logs policy, which means that none of your data gets recorded or risks getting leaked. 

Compatibility with Netflix:

Ivacy is more compatible with Netflix than any other VPN since it offers the best servers for Netflix.

Apart from all this, Ivacy has the strongest possible 256 – bit encryption, which makes your connection impenetrable and safe in all cases, apart from the best streaming capabilities. 

What Netflix Streaming features are included in Netflix on PS4?

Following are some of the features included in Netflix on PS4, which makes PS4 one of the best devices to stream Netflix on. 


You can browse among rows of movie posters or press “Search” to discover movie titles. 

HD Feature:

You can stream movies and TV shows in high definition quality up to 1080p. However, fo this your internet connection must supports up to 5 Mbps or more.

Subtitles and Audio:

You can select the “Audio and Subtitles” tab in order to turn on subtitles or the 5.1 surround sound have they been made available by the content you need to watch.

How can I download the Netflix app from PS4 Store?

Follow these steps in order to download the Netflix app from PlayStation store:

PlayStation store > Apps > Netflix > Download

However, you can also download it directly through the content area of your home screen by going to the TV & Video icon and selecting the Netflix app. Once you have done that, select “Download” and when the installation is completed, you will be able to stream on Netflix.