The online community is often found to be perplexed over, how they can watch Netflix on Android, seeking answers pertaining to many questions related to the matter, since it has ceased to be a simple matter ever since Netflix introduced geographical restrictions on all of its content. 

Netflix’s full catalog of movies and TV shows is now only available in the US, which means that the rest of the world has to rely on the limited content that the producers have made available in their regions. 

The only way this problem can be solved is by using a VPN – Virtual Private Network that fools Netflix into perceiving your location as that of USA. 
Evaluating the best VPN to watch American Netflix:

The very first step to be taken when opting to watch American Netflix on Android is to select a reliable VPN that unblocks Netflix whilst ensuring the optimum speeds. 

Here are some of the key features that a VPN must ideally have to be able to unblock Netflix:

Number of Servers:
A VPN must have a good number of servers. The higher the number of servers it has in its network, the better it is for you since it gives you better choices and you can select the best performing ones. 
Zero Logs Policy:
It is imperative for a VPN service to have a zero logs policy, since you don’t want your browsing data or IP address related information going into the wrong hands.
Kill Switch:

A VPN must have a kill switch which shuts off the internet connection in an event that the VPN encryption fails. This not only keeps your data protected but keeps you off Netflix’s radar, since if Netflix detects that you are using a proxy, your account risks being blocked. 

Since Ivacy VPN has all these features and has a proven track record of reliably unblocking Netflix, it can be recommended as the best VPN for Netflix.  

Installing a VPN on the Android TV Box:

To download the VPN app, simply go to the Android TV console, open the Google Play store app, search for the VPN by its name and click download. 

Once the app has been set up, follow these steps to unlock the Netflix library:

•       Launch the VPN app 
•       Select an American server from list of the servers and click on the “Connect” button
•       Go to the Netflix app on your Android TV box, once the connection has established.
•       Log in with your Netflix credentials and access the full Netflix library

Can’t download Netflix app on your Android device?

If you cannot locate the Netflix app in Play store, it is possible that the Netflix application is missing from Play store because your device is not Google Play protect certified. 

Check the status here:

1- Go to Play store app > Menu > Settings

2- Scroll down to check your certification status

If you discover that your device is not certified, take the following steps for configuration:

1- Go to Settings > Security > check the box: Allow installation of apps from sources other than Play Store

2- Tap OK so the change can be confirmed