Although Netflix contends that the service is intended to be only a complement to cable TV programming, it is undeniable that the two media competes fiercely for the same public. After all, anyone who can spend money on a paid television system is also usually willing to invest in a broadband connection. In this scenario, the streaming service appears as an increasing threat to channels that provide exclusive content for payment. After all, not only is Netflix available for a large number of devices, but it has enough content to compete with the library of titles of any world-renowned network.


Although cable television offers higher quality productions than those available on open networks, it suffers from problems inherent in the media itself. In addition to the display times are determined by a fixed grid, the number of reruns is quite large. With this, it often gets the feeling that among the more than 100 channels available on some carriers, there is simply nothing new to watch. Such a situation is unknown to Netflix users, who can choose a movie or any series and watch them immediately. Reprises are also something unknown, except by those who choose to review the same content over and over again.

While the supply of high-definition channels increases every day, access to such content means higher spending. A problem that does not exist in services like Netflix, which use all available bandwidth to deliver high-quality content. Those who do not have a very fast connection or suffer from bandwidth limits also have the option to adjust the quality to decrease the number of information sent. Something especially useful for portable device users, who do not need so much resolution to properly display videos on small screens.


But subscribing to Netflix is quite expensive for many people…

Unfortunately not everyone is able to subscribe to Netflix and some of them are unable to bear the huge data traffic. They need a cheaper solution to be able to enjoy various Netflix content at a more affordable price. They need an application that allows them to download only the content they want without needing to be involved in data waste. FreeGrabApp is one application that specifically provides various Netflix content for its customers, of course at more affordable prices. We must realize that every Netflix content is not free and when we buy content we have limited rights to that content. FreeGrabApp buys every content they provide (from Netflix) and they provide download links to each customer with certain conditions. What is offered by FreeGrabApp and similar applications is a new breakthrough and this opens up opportunities for all levels of society to watch various quality content without having to be limited by copyright issues. With an easy-to-understand interface, everyone can choose each link they like and download it without spending a lot of traffic. This is a revolution of how people watch movies online (ดูหนังออนไลน์) quality content with minimal resources. For info, the article is needed here about this application.