When movie scripts are written, writers go to great lengths to make them interesting. For this reason, casinos are often popular choices for the setting of various films. When including at least one casino scene, the movie can often also include nail biting suspense.

Many people find this to make the movie much more interesting. Casinos in general are extremely exciting places to be, whether it be a world renown Las Vegas casino or even a online casino such as Gaming Club casino games they both have as much excitement.

Roulette is one casino game that has been depicted in casino scenes. The game makes an appearance in the German film, Run Lola Run. In this movie, Lola tries many different ways in which to make money in order to pay off her boyfriend’s debts.

When all of her ways fail, she feels rather desperate. She walks by a casino and decides why not bet it all. She of course makes a bet on the wheel and ends up winning big solving all of her problems.

Another movie that includes casino scenes is “Casino”. This film is set in Vegas in the days before gambling was so closely regulated. There are many casino scenes but one that stands out is when a boot wearing cowboy decides to prop his feet up on a gaming table. A movie made in 1939, known as Sunset Trail also has some interesting casino scenes.

In this movie, high stakes poker is the game of choice. The main character makes his way into the game. However, his intent is to win back money that the casino owner swindled out of him. The poker game features a lot of drama and excitement.

Rainman is another movie that is memorable for its poker scene. In this film, an autistic savant with a photographic memory is exploited by his sneaky brother. Taking him to the casino, the brother is able to use his skills to help count cards at the blackjack table. The result is winning some money before being caught.