Latvian innovator Robert Mikelson set up an Indiegogo to ship his Rubicon 3D scanner for $200, which is dirt cheap compared to MakerBot's recently released Digitizer 3D scanner for $1,400.

The Rubicon looks like the Digitizer - two lasers on each side of a camera that sit facing the center of a turntable. The lasers scan and photograph an object placed at the center of the turntable to map the laser positions. Then the table turns .45 of a degree and the process repeats to gain a 360-degree scan of the image, which takes about 800 rotations. The Rubicon takes just 3 minutes to do this, while The Digitizer takes 12 minutes to complete an 800-rotation scan.

Rubicon runs on an Arduino microcontroller board and stepper motor, but part of its $25,000 campaign requests will go toward developing a unique PCB. The campaign has raised about $8,000 and plans to ship Rubicon scanners around mid-December. Watch it in action below: