With the help of Wondershare UniConverter, you can easily be connected and can record your online classes online assignments. This not only allows you to convert video free but also helps you in editing, cropping, applying watermarks, compressing your video, recording window, and many more. Wondershare UniConverter is not only a converter but also a properly featured toolbox with which you can feature your video. 

This is the generation of technology and there exist thousands of media formats and it becomes almost a headache to manage all these and to convert them. Wondershare UniConverter can manage all these headaches as it is efficient in doing so. It is integral to all tools that are mostly needed for making a good quality video.

The requirement of video under distance education

1. Due to the increased use of technology online classes have become a daily routine in every section of education and students have become used to online classes and prefer online classes to offline.

2. The teachers giving lectures online or teaching online have to record their screens to show their computers and assist their students.

3. Students who are totally dependent on their online educators have to record and download videos to understand the topic later in the future.

4. Required basic video editing tools, video compressing tools, conversion tools, and many more tools are needed nowadays.

5. Educators who are teaching online have to record their screen display to assist their students by uploading them on different sites

Advantages of Wondershare UniConverter

The most important advantage of Wondershare UniConverter is the best-featured tools that it provides to its user. The tools include editing, compressing video, converting video, rotating, cropping, applying the watermark, adding subtitles, downloading, and many more.

It has an adaptation of multiple operating systems. By the use of this, you can operate many systems at a time. It has the ability. 

There are various advantages of using an UniConverter. These advantages are very much useful for the people who are always in a rush and love to do things at the last moment. Here, we are presenting to you a list of pros of UniConverter with the axis of major benefits.

The comprehensive function refers to the function that includes the conversion of the video and downloading it in a very fast and quick time. This makes this wondershare UniConverter the best out of its all competitors and help the user in even screen recording and compression. You may record the screen time even the things being played on the screen using this feature of the application. The video compressor is a feature that may add different videos and make them compressed as per the usage of the owner. The videos may be cut with certain techniques and can even be added with subtitles. You may also change the font and color of the subtitles. 

Somehow, user may needs protection from watermarks that are present on the videos. But our wondershare UniConverter helps in placing the watermark and even removing the watermark from a certain video. It is also adapted to multiple operating systems that means it works on the different kinds of software provided to it.

Wondershare UniConverter is one of the best video converter around us for the best quality and so many features in the app with easy to fulfill your task easily.

How UniConverter helps distance education

UniConverter helps the user in many ways to benefit its distance education. The screen time recording function of the feature is the best one of it. The user may easily set the recording time on the screen and get the time utilized for other works. Sometimes it may happen that you have to pursue other work and leave your online classes for some other reasons. But this feature helps the user in recording the desktop screen. It is software that can help you in many things whether to make a review blog for YouTube video content you may easily explain the video with the help of short video clips that can be matched by the UniConverter.

It is also working as a video download function because it supports downloading of many more such videos from more than 10000 sites. These videos may contain every type of content and are supported by our system. You may easily download your video content online to your computer desktop screen just by following some of the steps. The guide on the application will tell you how to do it very easily. 

The first step is very easy and is to launch the Wondershare UniConverter and choose the downloader. A bright screen will open on your computer and then click the downloader option that is placed on the left-hand side. Now you have to copy the video URL from the settings and then paste the URL in our application and choose the format of the video to be saved in. You may now easily download the video with the help of this kind of application.

It also offers you a compression function that helps the user in supporting multiple video formats in the compressed format. It also supports batch compression that helps in having the video edited within many the kind of formats. It also allows the user to reduce the file size and resize it also. The user may either choose automatic compression from the software feature or it can itself do this work. many videos can be merged to produce a single compressed file and its quality may also be affected by your uses.


In the world of modern techniques, Wondershare UniConverter helps its user in converting, editing, applying the watermark, compressing, and many more features are provided by this. This also assists the educators and the students in the online education system as it provides the feature of easily downloading and screen recording. This is the best you can think of and can attain great results prove this in the media world dated video.