Since life is uncertain, you need to be organized. Keep all of your legal documents organized by using an affordable plan that helps you prepare for anything that comes your way! 

Benefits of using financial education services - use Mycare to help!

If you're unsure of what life will throw at you, that is commonplace with society today - we never know what we're doing or where we are going in life! Although life can be uncertain, you can be prepared by using financial education services. This type of financial education will aid you by helping you create an easy-to-use package that combines all of your important documents and information into one seamless and organized space. This easy-to-use package includes your last will, living trust, health care power of attorney, and financial power of attorney. Use Mycare as an affordable plan to help you keep all of your important life documents in one organized space. Find out more about Mycare plan.

Last will - one of the most important documents that Mycare will organize for you is the last will and testament. This is typically a document that describes how you want your assets and your property to be distributed if something were to happen to you and you would die. Typically, the last will distribute your property and assets to any children, relatives, or other people of your choosing who you want to “benefit” from your passing.

Living trust - the second piece of information that is included in the Mycare affordable package is the living trust. This legal document is an organizational piece of legal structure that helps you figure out how you want your possessions and property to be distributed after you pass. The same as the last will, the living trust lets you distribute the property after you die while still maintaining control over your assets while you are alive. As long as you are living, you will have control of your property and assets.

Health care power of attorney - the third aspect of your Mycare affordable package that you should look into is the medical power of attorney. This legal document names someone as the person who will make important decisions regarding our medical care if something were to happen to you. For example, if you have been in a horrible accident and you are on life support, you will have had a medical directive that states if you want to use a ventilator or not. Your healthcare power of attorney will make these decisions while you're not able to do so. 

Financial power of attorney - the last aspect of your Mycare affordable plan that you can use to help organize your legal documents is the final power of attorney. This person is someone who has been appointed by you via a legal document that states they are the one responsible for your financial property, assets, and sending money for you. If you can't make these decisions, whether due to old age, illness, or dementia, someone else can make decisions for your property. 


As you can see, using the Mycare financial plan and organizational structure lets you keep your legal documents in line and helps you stay organized during stressful times.