Indianapolis is an amazing city that offers something for everyone, so it can be easy to forget there's more out there besides it.  Every inch of Indiana has an incredible story behind it, and every tiny town had once thrived before it became what it is today.  If you need a break from the city and are interested in getting to know the rest of Indiana, you should visit these tiny towns!


If you've heard of Christmas-themed towns and Halloween-themed towns, Patriot isn't going to surprise you!  This town is one of the oldest in the state and prides itself on how far it goes every fourth of July.  The people here are charming, but the city has seen many tragedies because of past floods.  Although this is a fantastic place to visit, the flooding makes many wary of living here.

Buck Creek

Once known as Transitville, since so many people came through here to other places, this is now a small town with one main road and one main industry.  Focusing on the grain industry, Buck Creek has perfected what it does and made a name for itself within that industry.  The train that comes through several times a day gives the town a romantic and quaint feeling that you can't find in many cities these days.


Boasting less than two thousand people, this small town offers the joys of a small-town living with a large sense of community.  The cute shops along its main street provide many chances to find something to spark your interest.  Community matters so much that the large park in the city center is a big entertainment destination within the town so that everyone can enjoy the fresh air together.


If Bourbon seemed too populated for you at two thousand people, Stinesville should suit you better!  This tiny town only has a couple of hundred people, but it used to be very populated.  The older gorgeous architecture slowly takes in nature, with vines and beautiful plants starting to grow and reclaim them.  This tone gives off the feeling of a ghost town, but the people here are very lively and glad to have visitors!

Pine Village

If you need a break from looking at houses for rent in Indianapolis, Pine Village is a nice change of pace.  Founded from a trading post, this town used to be a main spot along the American frontier.  Now it's fewer than two thousand people, with a great feeling of community and fun.  This is the type of town that makes you feel like you've wandered into the past.  Everything feels straightforward and comforting in a way.  Although the population is low, this is a place many should consider moving to!

Indiana is more than just Indianapolis!  If you want to fall in love with a tiny town and find a place for yourself there, consider paying one of these small towns a visit!  You'll never want to leave them.