Everyone knows about CBD oil and various full-spectrum hemp tinctures. Oil is one of the most common ways to deliver a variety of substances, including vitamins.

Although oil is the most common delivery method, there are plenty of innovative CBD products on the market that you’ve probably never tried.
1. CBD transdermal patches
Have you ever tried CBD patches? Transdermal CBD patches are an effective way to deliver cannabidiol into your bloodstream. They’re easy to apply and much better if you don’t like the taste of CBD products.
The primary benefit of using CBD patches is the ability to spot-treat pain quickly. Topically applying CBD allows you to apply the product exactly where you need it for a targeted delivery. When absorbed through skin and into the bloodstream, CBD patches will relieve inflammation at the source of contact.
There’s nothing wrong with taking CBD orally for whole-body pain relief. In fact, many people prefer edibles to relieve pain. However, when you’re dealing with localized pain – like a sore knee joint – a transdermal patch will provide the fastest relief. Patches bypass the digestive system, which increases CBD’s bioavailability.
2. CBD hemp cigarettes
Hemp cigarettes are made with hemp flower containing high levels of CBD. They’re rolled in pape,  just like regular tobacco cigarettes, and sometimes have a filter.
Like patches, you’ll get fast relief from hemp cigarettes. Smoking is a fast way to get CBD into your system through your lungs. It can also be relaxing to sit down with a hemp flower cigarette after a long day at work.
The best part is CBD hemp cigarettes won’t get you high. By law, CBD is required to be derived from hemp (not marijuana) and must contain less than 0.3% THC. Cannabidiol is not a psychoactive substance like THC, so there’s no way you’ll get high by smoking a hemp cigarette.
3. CBD salve
There are several types of topical CBD products, including lotions, creams, sprays, and salves. Lotions and creams are popular products, but salve is different. CBD salve is applied topically just like lotion, but has a thicker consistency that feels more like a light paste.
If you don’t like the oily residue left over from applying lotion or cream, you’ll love using CBD salve.
4. CBD suppositories
Suppositories are a quick way to deliver certain medications, and CBD is no exception. Of course, not everyone is going to be open to using a CBD suppository, but they exist if you’re interested in trying something new.
The main reason people use CBD suppositories is to increase sexual pleasure. Locally, the suppository can have a numbing effect, and some people have reported heightened nerve sensitivity.
5. CBD personal lube
Some people say that certain strains of CBD can improve your sexual experience. While the jury is still out on that one scientifically, some studies suggest these claims might be true.
Some companies make personal lube containing potent strains of CBD. Many people report positive experiences, so science just might need to catch up with more studies.
6. CBD-infused clothing
While most CBD products are edible or at least consumable in some way, CBD-infused clothing creates a different form of topical administration. You can find all kinds of clothing infused with CBD, including socks, running pants, shorts, gloves, knee braces, and even shirts.
The concept behind CBD-infused clothing is that having a garment close to your skin will provide you with an effect similar to patches. As the garment rubs against your skin, the CBD will be released into your bloodstream slowly over time.
CBD-infused clothing sounds great, but does it work? Not exactly. It’s hard to find documented experiments online, but some of the staff from Allure interviewed a sports medicine doctor and emergency room physician to find out if CBD-infused clothing works. In summary, the concept is short-sighted and lacks evidence.
The folks at Leafly went a step further and tested out some wearable CBD products and didn’t see much in terms of results. In fact, they realized that providing constant pain relief to your knees while exercising could actually do more damage since pain is what alerts you to a potential problem.
7. CBD chips
You know about gummies, but did you know there are a variety of CBD chip products? While chips aren’t the most efficient delivery method, why not try them out if they taste good?
CBD manufacturers are getting creative
Marketers are always looking for ways to keep their products new and interesting. If you’re feeling adventurous, try some of the CBD products listed in this article. At the very least, you’ll be able to say you tried something new.