There is no certainty in gambling, no way to tell how and when you will win your next wager. Betting on unpredictable events involves risk, and as such, there will always be times when things do not go your way. Naturally, everyone is on the lookout for tips and strategies that will tilt the odds in their favor. However, since all casino games get featured because calculations say that no player can beat them in the long-haul, this is an impossible task. If you are a casual gambler, it is wise to look for ways to stretch your budget to last as long as possible.

Do not fall prey to myths and superstitions. You are never due for a win, and there is no such thing as loose slots or weak dealers. These things particularly hold when it comes to the digital sphere. All slot results are random, and to win at table games, you need the right mixture of game strategy, an appropriate betting system, and a whole lot of luck. Due to all this, plus higher minimum bet limits, most newbies should stay away from casino tables and stick to spinning reels. Yes, slots involve no skill, but knowledge of specific game specifications and how to take advantage of promos can go a long way in staying out of the red. You, ending your gaming session with a little extra change in your pocket.

Bonuses That Multiply Your Deposit

Bonuses are the cornerstones of online casino marketing. You will be hard-pressed to find a gambling site that does not offer any. Nevertheless, you should never sign up with an operator simply because it waves a magnanimous promo deal in your face. You first have to do your research and check his trustworthiness. The best way to do this is by reading USA online casino reviews. Such articles provide in-depth analysis of online casinos and inform you of their gaming license, payment options, security protocols, and the quality of their promotions.

The first type of bonus you will come across in the online space is the first deposit one. That is true for any gambling site, including digital sportsbooks and poker rooms. These offers are part of welcome packages that entice you to sign-up. Due to this goal, operators go all out on these deals, and they will likely be the best offer that you will ever receive from them on your gaming journey. They will include a percentage-match and an upper limit, which signify the amount in bonus funds that the online casino will provide if you register. For example, an offer that advertises a 100% up to $200 welcome offer means that if you deposit $200, you will get $200 in free playing funds after you complete the deal’s requirements. If the percentage of this deal is 50%, for placing $100 in your account, you will get $50 in free-playing funds.

A lot of times, you will see a first deposit bonus combined with free spins. That means that on top of the percentage match, you will also get complimentary reel rotations. Sometimes, this will be a stand-alone promo. Know that the operator will signify that you can only use these spins on a designated title or titles. These will likely be high variance slots. Meaning games that payout big prizes rarely. So, your chances of landing a win via your free spins are slim. Plus, the deal will also feature a max bet amount of around $5, so even if you hit a winning symbol combo, there will be a max win cap in place.

Lastly, the third-most common deal that you will come across in the world of online casinos is a no deposit bonus, the most sought-after promotion in the interactive gaming industry. It is what it sounds like, getting something for nothing. Once you create an account, your chosen operator provides you with free-play funds or free spins without you having to place any cash in your casino account. These deals usually consist of 20-30 complimentary reel rotations or free-play funds of around $20. They will also come with a wealth of requirements as they are not a viable money-making opportunity. No deposit bonuses are there more as a means for new players to test operator’s games with the added thrill of a possible prize looming. They are not a quick-rich scheme.

All that said, if you plan on playing for an extended period on any platform, you should take advantage of any promotion on the table. If you are already going to deposit funds, why not get a little extra. You will not lose anything. The worst that could happen is you not fulfilling the conditions of such deals and not getting the advertised bonus amounts. So worst-case scenario, you do not win anything for free.

Penny Slots

The penny is currently the lowest denomination of US currency. Yet, many American politicians and financial experts are lobbying for the nickel to take over this title. However, for the time being, a penny is the lowest value coin you can have in your wallet, and it is the smallest amount you can use for gambling on reel-spinners called penny slots.

These games are the same as any ole other slots. You load credits and press spin. Their only stand-out characteristic is that they accept a bet size of only one cent. Remember, you have to be careful when searching out these titles because some platforms also advertise games with a minimum wager of two-cents or nickel as penny slots. Furthermore, just because a game is a penny one, it does not mean that you will always be able to make a one-cent wager per spin. Some of these titles may force you to bet a fixed amount of paylines, which means you will have to make several penny wagers.

If you hope to land a progressive prize, you usually have to place the max bet sum. No jackpot slot will let you claim millions of dollars on a penny wager. So, these types of reel-spinner should get used for a slow accumulation of funds. They let you play longer with little on the line.

The most famous online penny slots are Play’n Go’s Book of Dead and NetEnt’s Divine Fortune.

Micro Bankroll Management

The most viable way to win money at an online casino is to stick to low variance slots with a high return-to-player (RTP). A low variance spinner is the opposite of a high one, which we already explained. Meaning, these titles payout small wins regularly. They will usually have a hit frequency of around 25%. So, on average, you should hit a winning combo on every fourth spin. The industry standard RTP is 96%, so look for titles with a combo of low variance and an RTP percentage above the specified one. Realtime Gaming’s Derby Dollars is an older such product. It has a payback percentage of 97.5%, accepts penny wagers, and has a low variance. Spinning its reels will allow you to stretch your gaming session, and due to its variance setting, it will provide more than a few wins along the way. Note that there is no guarantee that these small rewards will be enough for you to recoup amassed losses, but this is far more than other slots provide in terms of bankroll safety. If you strike a series of wins, you can use the acquired funds to go after larger prizes, betting the max amount. Though, never spend more than you can afford to lose.

To Sum Up

Remember, to win when gambling online, you must not be greedy. Your goal should always be to come out ahead, not to get rich. As mentioned, casino gambling is a chance-based activity where the odds are never in your favor. The thrill of this pastime lies in that anything can happen in the short-term. So, look at it like paid entertainment that can add a little spare change in your pocket if you play wisely. The online sphere is currently a saturated marketplace where operators are continuously fighting to expand their customer bases. Therefore, look to take advantage of promo deals that reward you for your patronage and stick to low variance reel-spinners. Stay away from progressive betting systems, always budget appropriately, and never fall for ole wives’ tales. Slow and steady wins the race. Taking huge risks is for high-rollers who can afford to walk away with massive losses.

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