For everyone to have access to the same healthcare and resources, certain lawyers need to be available to help solely those with disabilities. Since having medical problems can lead to more expensive and extensive prices and procedures, having programs and lawyers specifically trained to help these citizens are crucial.

What is social security disability?

Social security and supplemental income programs are various federal programs created to help those with disabilities gain additional assistance. Although these programs differ in multiple facets, all of these resources are given by the Social Security Administration. Therefore, only individuals who qualify as having a disability are able to use the benefits under the program.

When an individual applies for the social security disability program, an SSDI attorney will oftentimes be in charge of their case to help them with the process. If your application is denied, an SSDI attorney will help you determine why. The claim is usually denied for three reasons:

Medical reasons
The disability report is not complete
Non-medical reasons

How an SSDI attorney will handle your claim

The first step in getting an SSDI attorney is to find one and contact one. When you first get in touch with a law firm or representation agency, either the attorney or staff member will interview you to see if you are the right fit for benefits. This background information helps determine if the law firm will have you as a client.

How the SSDI attorney develops your medical proof

Your SSDI attorney will request your medical records and submit them to the Social Security Administration before our hearing to show you are qualified for the benefits. When you hire your attorney, you need to sign a release so the SSDI attorney can view your medical records. 

Furthermore, since Social Security is in charge of deciding what type of proof is needed to win a case for disability, a legal professional will go over your records to see if you need additional tests and statistics to meet the burden of proof. 

How will my SSDI attorney help me get ready for my hearing?

Your SSDI attorney may wait a few weeks before your hearing to contact you - don’t be alarmed. This is a normal process for attorneys, since your SSDI attorney will be working behind the scenes before this time. Most attorneys will call you over the phone or meet in person depending on the details of your car. Before your pre-hearing, your attorney will have reviewed the details of your car and analyzed what issues must be fixed to obtain social security benefits. 


As you can see, finding the SSDI attorney to meet your needs is crucial to getting the help you need when you have a disability. To qualify for security disability benefits, you need to find an SSDI attorney who knows your case and has the necessary background information to ensure you qualify for money from the government’s plans.