Are you a smoker? Have you struggled to quit? Well, there’s a new alternative to smoking that can help you give up those pesky cancer-ridden sticks! Nicopods, such as the ones from, have many advantages that are numerous compared to the use of tobacco products.

You probably already know about the dangers of smoking. It’s one of the biggest causes of death and illness across the world and every year, tens of thousands of smokers die from diseases, with much more living with life-changing illnesses. 

Yikes! With so many dangerous health risks out there, there’s never been a better reason to quit smoking and opt for a healthier lifestyle. How can you do it? Nicopods! In this article, we’ll list the many reasons why nicotine pouches and nicopods are a good alternative to smoking and other tobacco products. 

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There are many advantages to using nicopods!

Reduction of known risks associated with smoking

Smoking has many risks, with numerous studies demonstrating for years the harmful influence of tobacco on the health of cigarette-lovers. The mortality rate for smokers compared with non-smokers is incredibly high. 

It’s believed that smoking is responsible for one third of all cancers, the majority of which affect the lungs. It also causes lots of cardiovascular heart diseases, as well as chronic respiratory diseases too.  Nicopods on the other hand, don’t have these risks, as they do not contain tobacco!

Elimination of all combustion and absorption of toxic substances by the lungs

You might be mistaken that it’s nicotine in cigarette smoke that’s dangerous and harmful to your health. Well, you’re wrong! Nicotine isn’t even a carcinogenic! It’s actually the burning of tobacco that exposes your lungs to harmful substances and chemicals. 

Then there’s also toxic gases (like carbon monoxide), heavy metals and tars that all come from chemicals that are added to a cigarette by the tobacco companies. All of these are inhaled in just one puff. Nicopods are consumed by moistening under your lip. They diffuse nicotine and the other aromas orally, helping to protect your lungs from inhaling toxic substances.

There’s no exposure to passive smoking

Nicotine pouches and nicopods do not expose your friends, family, kids or anyone else around you to passive smoking. Because nicopods are consumed orally and do not give off smoke, as well as being used without combustion or vapourisation, there’s no danger to your loved ones that are around you.

Plus they’re tobacco-free

Nicopods don’t contain the hazardous carcinogenic called tobacco. Unlike tobacco snus, nicopods are only filled with aromas and nicotine. Nothing else! That means you don’t get any of the dangers of tobacco, and you can wave goodbye to yellow teeth stains and bad breath!

They’re discreet and practical

Most nicopods are delivered in round or rectangular boxes that are completely discreet and practical. They’ll easily fit in your jean or shirt pocket, or even into your handbag! They’re lightweight and can be simply placed under your lip with little fuss. You no longer have to feel guilty about having these instead of a cigarette!