Have you been betting for a while and find it hard to make a profit? Are you feeling that the bookmakers are a little bit too happy with your bets? In this article we give you the 5 most common mistakes that you should not make anymore.

1. Betting without thinking  
The most common mistake is betting without thinking. On a Saturday evening, after a few drinks and to increase the tension, we log on to a bookmaker just before kick-off to make a quick bet. This was to be our lucky night. Making a bet in an inebriated or angry state is always a bad idea. Luck will be on our side from time to time, but repeatedly making a mistake is deadly for our bankroll. The same goes for betting on your favourite teams. If you can't look at the game, the odds and the odds in a neutral way, it is better to stay away from them.  
2. Betting to recoup losses  
Even the most successful bettors have lost bets. That's why it's called betting - there's never 100% certainty. The realisation that losing is part of the game is crucial to long-term success. If we try to make up for losses by placing one or more large bets, this is asking for trouble. Discipline and a cool head are very important.  
3. Bet too much per bet  
Experienced bettors will tell you that good bankroll management is essential to a successful betting strategy. Of course, you shouldn't lose half your bankroll after a lost bet. The pie chart is an excellent system, although some will say that even this is too risky. A good rule of thumb is to have a maximum of 2% of the total bankroll per match. We should stick to that (there's that discipline again), even if a particular match is deemed 'safe' by others.  
4. Analyse statistics  
Just like we should not bet on a team just because they're our favourite, we should also not bet on a team just because they have more wins than the opponent or because they have fewer goals against. Statistics are important, but they are not the be all and end all. Successful bettors know everything about the teams involved and look beyond the number of goals scored. It is also important to translate bookmakers' odds into percentages. Knowledge is power: the more information we have, the higher the chances of making a good bet.  
By avoiding these mistakes, and doing your homework properly before betting, your bankroll will certainly improve and the chances of making a profit will increase.