Since the inception and release of the first vaporizers, innovation has overtaken the vape industry, resulting in a wide variety of exciting, new products that make enjoying your favorite substances on the go even easier. One of the most notable products to look into is the dry herb vaporizer.

As the name suggests, dry herb vapes allow you to enjoy dry herbs without having to rely on traditional methods of consumption. But why might you want to choose a dry herb vape for your vaping experience? Here are three reasons to own a dry herb vaporizer that can help you navigate the buying process.

1. You no longer have to combust your dry herbs in order to reap the benefits.

Smokers who love their herbs most likely don't want to switch over to a vape pen that only allows them to vape oils or concentrates. Fortunately, with the right vape, you can still enjoy your herbs without having to combust them each time. Combustion is well-known to have a major impact on health and can make your activities much less discreet as the smoke clings to your clothing, your breath, and other materials around you. With a portable vaporizer or a desktop vaporizer, you can use convection or conduction heating to heat up the main ingredients in your herbs so that you enjoy the benefits without dealing with the smoke.

Set aside some time to look into the best dry herb vaporizer options to see what you can expect from these products. Whether you're looking for a portable dry herb vaporizer you can take on the go or a durable herbal vaporizer that you can set on your desktop for smoking CBD and other herbs at home, you will find that you can find a wide variety of vapes that meet your preferences. Many vapes will offer you useful features such as:

Different heating elements to improve the quality and strength of your vapors.

Multiple temperature settings or full precision temperature control to unlock the flavors of your herbs.

Various rechargeable battery options in order to provide you with the battery life you need for your vape to last a long time on the go.

Accessories like a special cleaner for your mouthpiece and heating chamber and other tools that improve functionality.

Whether you're looking for options like the DaVinci IQ or the Arizer Extreme Q, there are plenty of amazing vapes to choose from.

2. It's easier to enjoy your herbs no matter where you may be.

When you're out in public, lighting up isn't always possible. Besides the physical evidence you're leaving behind, smoking is generally frowned upon and will most certainly attract the wrong attention if you're doing it openly. With a portable vape on your side, you can enjoy the vapor produced by your herbs with greater discretion, leaving behind less of a mess and less of an odor as you inhale vapors instead of smoke.

3. Using a vape offers a much more seamless alternative to smoking.

Smoking can be a very complicated process. If you prefer to use papers, you have to grind your herbs, load them into your paper, roll it, and light it up. If you prefer a pipe, you still have to have your grinder and your lighter on hand — as well as the storage needed to hold all of your materials when they're not in use.

With a dry herb vape, all you need is your loose leaf to get started. Just pack it into your ceramic chamber, turn your portable vaporizer on, and start vaping when you're ready. With a dry herb vape, you don't have to deal with carrying around all of your tools or dealing with the mess that they tend to leave behind before and after you're done smoking.

With the invention of vapes, smoking your herbs isn't the only option you have these days. Use the guide above to learn more about what dry herb vaporizers are and why it may be a good idea to switch over to a dry herb vape instead of going the traditional route and smoking your herbs.