Are you often at the shooting range yet you don’t see any improvement in your skills at all? Don’t worry, most beginners feel that way too. Especially if the shooting range isn’t hands-on with their customers and teaching them. Here are 10 ways to improve at the shooting range. 

7 Ways to Improve at the Shooting Range

Marksmanship is a skill that takes time to master. It might be frustrating at first. However, once you feel you’re improving at it, you will feel satisfied when you hit your target with 100% accuracy. 

In order to improve at the shooting range, you need patience and understanding on how to improve yourself. You should also pick the best shooting ranges that help you improve. In order to guide you, you can follow these simple ways for getting better at the shooting range. 

Build Your Foundation

The most essential thing is to establish your foundation. This is generally how you shoot from the prone and standing position. The prone position is when you lie on your stomach and lift your torso off the ground while resting your weight on your shoulders. 

To give you maximum stability, pull your right knee just a little bit toward your hip. You can also rest the weight of the weapon in any other object to give you better comfort and stability. 

Standing position gives you less stability yet it’s bad for long-distance shooting. However, the standing position is more realistic in most real-life scenarios. For greater accuracy, square off your shoulders with your hips facing the target. 

Get Used to Your Guns

The shooting range is the perfect place to test out firearms you are not familiar with. If you already have guns of your own, it’s better to get to know their ins and outs first rather than testing out newer guns. 

A great tip to follow would be to focus on one or two firearms in better detail. You should invest in your own weapons. Spend time mastering and learning more about your guns until you know everything about it. 

Bringing out the best of your gun’s abilities may be the reason why you are not improving at the shooting range. 

Accuracy is Key

Hitting the target consistently is an essential part of marksmanship. Work on the margin of difference between your shots. Try to keep your shots close within inches of each other. 

Start from shorter ranges and then adjust far when you get the hang of it. You can also mix it up with different shooting targets

Regulate Your Breathing

Breathing causes your aim to rise and fall along the vertical axis of the target. You have to momentarily stop breathing when firing a shot. 

A great tip is to fire when you exhaled fully, your aim won’t rise nor fall. You are more relaxed in this state compared to having your lungs full of air. 

Practice on Your Trigger Squeeze

How you pull the trigger can affect your shot trajectory. You want to read and understand the best techniques for pulling the trigger according to your guns. 

As a general rule, you want to pull the trigger firmly. Avoid flinching or jerking your firearm. Quick movements of the wrist will throw off your aim and you will miss your target. 

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

Overconfidence can stunt your growth in marksmanship. Always look to improve yourself in certain aspects. There are plenty of instructors and experienced shooters from who you can learn. 

Practice Safety Etiquette

Guns are dangerous. Be responsible when handling firearms and you will find it fun and entertaining. Your guns should always have the safety mechanisms engaged except when you are ready to fire them. 

When changing positions, always lay it down on the ground or on a sandbag or other raised surface so dust won’t get inside. 

Remember, the barrel should always be pointing downrange and the safety should always be on. 


It’s important that you evaluate yourself to know how much you’ve improved. These tips will help you get a better knowledge and view of how you are improving at the shooting range. Challenge yourself as a marksman and keep on improving.