Whether you shoot rest rifles, handguns or shotguns, you’ve undoubtedly encountered your favorite type of firearm and target. However, you will never improve your shooting unless you mix up the types of targets for practice. Here are 10 creative target ideas that will help you refine your practice. 

1. Champion Clay Targets 
Clay targets are one of the most recognizable targets in the world. You’re probably experienced at shooting them. For a tougher challenge, set them a couple hundred yards away. They’re barely visible from this distance and will help you keep your aim steady.

2. Match flames
Do you want to practice precise aiming? The concept is simple: you stack a bunch of matches in a row, have someone light them, and then try to shoot the flames out. The goal is to not hit the matchsticks themselves. Because the flames are small, from a distance these shooting targets will help train you to hit bullseyes in no time. 

3. Golf Balls 
Instead of throwing found golf balls out, why not bring them with you the range or a field? A .22 caliber weapon trains you in wonderful ways when these balls are zipping through the air. For some real fun use, a heavier caliber weapon to disintegrate all the balls you can get your hands on. 

4. Diamond Pop Ups
We all love the sound of lead smashing into steel at 120-plus mph. This is the beauty of metal (or steel) diamond pop up targets. Even though they run the par in terms of use, there is no reason why you can’t get a crafty friend to DIY up some funky designs.

5. Photographs
You’ve undoubtedly shot at several things in your lifetime. Have you considered using the face of someone you hate as a target? Since murdering someone is out of the question, a photograph is the next best option. 

6. Tin Cans 
The classic tin can never go out of style. Whether this was one of your first targets as a teenager, or you broadly flung a sling-shot at them… the tin can is here to stay. When you find cans of beans, creamed soup, Chef Boyardee or what have you, relive your childhood. Clean the cans out real good and use them for target practice next time you’re on the range. 

7. Eggs
This idea is a classic, and when I tried it, I was ashamed of myself for thinking of this sooner. Because these targets are small, they’re perfect for precise aiming and should be set hundreds of yards away. For the pure fun of it, set them 25-feet away and watch the yolk fly as it explodes before your eyes. 

8. Containers 
For some added fun, grab some food coloring and make the water different colors for a rainbow effect upon explosion. Because it’s water, the environment won’t be harmed, and you get the bonus of watering the Earth. Win win. Containers can be bought at the Dollar Tree or your local dollar store for cheap. 

9. Frosty The Snowman
With winter fast approaching, shooting the “skulls” of snowmen seems like a no brainer. It isn’t. Whether you’re a fan of the frosty chill or a sworn enemy, there’s no denying that “murdering” snowmen presents a real thrill. If your region doesn’t get a lot of snow, this may not work as much for you.

10. Balloon
If you really enjoy making a mess, fill up several balloons with a few cups of differently-colored paint. (Or simply fill a balloon with air for that ear-curdling “pop”.) Since paint will thrillingly splatter everywhere, make sure the balloons aren’t set up near anywhere that’s prone to stain. For extra fun: set up a cardboard cutout of a civilian behind the balloons and go to town. 

These ideas are just that – ideas. When you think about it, there is no limit to the number of items you can use for target practice. Even your kids can have fun with Nerf Guns with friends and have fun. Don’t be afraid of thinking outside the box. What ideas can you come up with yourself the next time you’re on the range?