Forklifts are used in warehouses, shipyards, or any logistics and transportation company to move heavy boxes.. Forklifts are available in various sizes and designs. Most people understand forklifts primarily as material handling appliances, there are actually many various categories of forklifts. For instance, a three-wheel counterbalanced lift truck is not the same as a pallet jack yet they are both classed as a forklift. Here are the six different categories of forklifts and each offering its own unique set of benefits and features. You can also check Forklift Training in Melbourne for forklift driver training.

Counterbalance Forklift Trucks
One of the foremost common forms of forklift trucks. Counterbalance forklift trucks have the ability to lift up and down as well as tilt backward and forwards, and move side to side on some more advanced models, these features are called "Mast Tilt". These trucks may be manufactured with either 3 wheels for better maneuverability or 4 wheels for greater stability. These trucks are also available in a range like in Diesel, Electric and LP Gas powered models. They may come in completely different sizes, some capable of lifting one tonne, Others capable of lifting twenty-five tonnes.

Reach Forklift Trucks
These trucks are commonly used in warehouses with high racking, designed to be able to store a large number of goods within a small warehouse. They are designed for indoor use. These are also designed for indoor use and are capable but not best suited for use outdoors, due to their low ground clearance and small front stabilizer wheels.

Hand Pallet Truck
These pallets do not consist of engines or any form of electric motor. These forklift trucks are operated by hand and designed to be pulled and pushed around from the handle by the operator. By pumping the handle up and down lifts the pallet and loads upwards off the floor, allowing it to be pulled and pushed around by the operator. There are several options of hand pallet trucks, differing typically in fork size and lifting capacities.

Powered Pallet Truck
This truck is the same as a hand pallet truck but the difference with the electric pallet truck is that the forks are lifted using an electric mechanism that is powered by a battery, rather than by hand. The battery needs to be recharged, this may be done directly from the mains power, depending on the specific truck design. A paddle truck can move forward and backward and a picking and dropping load button is used. 

Rough Terrain Forklift
These are best for outdoor work. The engine and wheel of rough terrain forklift are very powerful. These forks are best for transporting heavy loads across rough terrain without having to worry about the potential for overbalancing. While using this forklift the operator should own an LF High-Risk Work Licence.

It's a combination of a boom and extendable arm and combines the range of a crane with the lifting ability of a forklift. The telehandlers are costly but they may have extensive cost savings on projects. They can turn diagonally which allows them to pick-up and transport loads that a standard forklift would be unable to lift.