We talked to the best Melbourne Escorts to get the lowdown on what to expect when you book, and how to treat any lady in your life. 

Booking an escort for the first time can be a seriously nerve wracking experience. Knowing where to go, how to book, and what to look for are all important factors to consider. But how do you act once you’ve booked? What can you expect? 

Well, it turns out that escorts aren’t all that different from ordinary, everyday ladies, except that you’re paying for their time and attention. Which means that you get to enjoy a hassle-free, no strings attached, encounter that if handled correctly, could leave you with the type of bliss that doesn’t soon fade. 

So, to make sure that you have the best experience possible, we talked to the pros of the Melbourne escorts scene. What we found? Turns out, escorts aren’t all that different from any other woman. 

Chivalry is Not Dead 

The first rule of both hiring an escort and wooing the modern woman actually takes a page from a much older book. Being a gentleman in today’s society has become a pale comparison to what was once brought to mind with that statement. While not everything the turn of the 19th century brought us on the subject of chivalry is valuable, there’s still much of it that deserves some appreciation. 

Punctuality, hygiene, and consideration are essentially the holy trinity of being a decent man, if not human. Whether your date is paid for, or just a perk of living your life, make sure that you respect her time. In fact, treat it like you’re paying for it, whether you are or not. Be on time, if you can’t, give as much advance notice as possible. Don’t expect her to make up for your error or oversight. 

When it comes to hygiene, this is more that just scrubbing your pits. Make sure that you’re not only clean, but you’re using the right products to stay that way despite the nerves of a first date. Get a haircut, wear your best outfit. Looking your absolute best will not only boost your own confidence, but it also shows her that you’re invested and that you understand she deserves the best. 

Open doors, pull out chairs, show up with flowers. All of these things apply as readily to Melbourne escorts as they do to your Friday night date. Small tokens of appreciation never go amiss, so make sure you bring them to the table. Along with your best manners. Of course, if you wish to be a bit more kinky you can also shop at one of Melbourne’s sex shops to add a bit of excitement to your meeting with an escort, but don’t forget to be a gentlemen first. 

Melbourne Escorts Are Women

Escorts are women, well, some are women. And if you happen to be booking a female escort, you’re in luck, because these beauties can bring you a fist hand course in how to treat a woman like a queen. And all of the perks you can expect in exchange for your consideration. 

Escorts can help you better explore your wildest sexual fantasies. They can be an emotional lockbox, where you can intimately offload any problems you’re experiencing without judgement or backlash. In essence, escorting is a lot closer to therapy than most people tend to realize. So don’t be afraid to be yourself, and learn who that actually is. Which will work for you later, if you plan on looking for something a bit more permanent. 

Choose the escort that fits you, not the one that fits the idea of you. Most escorting ads agencies offer a number of helpful search functions, so you can really choose the girl that’s right for you, and all the things you want to be and indulge in. Because escorts, much like women, will happily reflect and amplify the energy you give them.