Australia is known for having some of the fiercest bush fires in the world, they destroy thousands of homes every year. It’s hard to deal with the loss of your home even when you’re grateful that you and your family are still alive. 

But, that’s not always the case. There are many house fires per year and it’s estimated they kill more people than all the natural disasters in the country. It’s due to the fact you don’t usually get a warning about house fires, they just start and you have limited time to exit the building.

This is why it’s essential to take fire prevention steps, they can buy you the time you need to get out alive. One of the best things you can invest in at home or at the workplace is high-quality fire shutters.

How Fire Shutters Work

Fire shutters are attached to the ceiling. You can have as many as you want fitted inside your building. They are usually attached to the central alarm system, which means they can react automatically. That’s important as dropping fire shutters manually may mean it’s already too late to contain the fire.

When the alarm system detects a fire the fire shutters will drop, they go from the ceiling to the floor. It’s important to note there are sensors built into them that prevent them from hitting a person.

However, you do need to make sure the path of the fire shutter is clear at all times.

The fire shutters are usually made from galvanized steel. The product must be tested and certified before it can be called a fire shutter. Don’t accept a product that offers 30 minutes fire protection and is not certified, it’s probably just a standard roller shutter.

The fire shutter blocks the path of the fire. It is capable of withstanding high temperatures and will not be melted or destroyed by the fire for several hours.

Fire shutters can be used to contain a fire, potentially preventing the building from burning down. However, their main role is to block the fire and create a safe escape route. This allows everyone in the building to get out safely.

Types Of Fire Shutter

There are two main types of fire shutter:

1. The Fixed Box

These are mounted to the ceiling in accordance with the current regulations. The fire shutters stay in the open position until a fire is detected. They then close.

2. Roller Shutters

Roller fire shutters can be used as normal doors, such as those at the entrance to a warehouse or a serving hatch separating the kitchen from the dining area. These can be rolled up and down manually although they must also be connected to the alarm system. This ensures they come down when they need to.

Final Thoughts

Fire shutters can be used anywhere and will help to save your property as well as lives. You’ll still need to ring the fire services to get the fire put out. But, you’ll be saving lives, there is little more important than that!