If your child is entering his first year of school or your family has just moved to a new neighborhood or city, you are probably wondering which school you will enroll him in.

At the end of the summer holidays, millions of students start a new school year, some have been enrolled by their parents in a campus close to their home, other students have been incorporated into schools with a considerable distance from home, this for favorable reasons to their parents, but it is likely that more than one parent has wondered if it is more important to choose their children's school because of its nearby location or because of its quality, below, CatEight school finder share a series of recommendations to follow.

How to Choose the Right School for your Children?

Consider the time it will take to transfer to school
Research the reputation of the school
Take into account the educational quality of the campus
Consider the extracurricular activities they offer
Meet the academic staff
Visit the facilities
Consider the time it will take to transfer to school

An important factor to take into account is who will be in charge of transferring your children to school and what the activities of that person are. If your family does not have their own car and you decide to enroll your child in a quality school that is located far from your home, you will have to invest in public transport or in a private school transport service that guarantees the transfer of your child.

Find a school that can be accessible in terms of travel times, so that it will not affect your punctuality in subsequent activities.

Research the Reputation of the School

The reputation of a school can help you make a decision, research with other parents or former students how they consider the quality of the school, its teachers, activities and facilities. We recommend that you look for more than one opinion so that you can have a broader perspective.

Take Into Account the Educational Quality of the Campus

The educational quality standards that exist in the campus should be key when deciding. Although there are schools that can appear quality and prestige in their advertisements, some schools are not usually what they offer in their brochures, so it is important to consult or request official reports that can support good quality such as recognitions or performance indices of the students.

Extra School Activities and Schedules

Over time, schools have increased the quantity and quality of after-school activities that take place in schools. Some schools implement workshops for trades, art or sports activities that take place at the end of class time. This will not only favor your child's academic and social performance, it could also save you time to get your child to dismissal time if school is a considerable distance away or your work schedule does not allow you to leave earlier.

Meet the Academic Staff

When a parent approaches to request reports, they usually deal only with the principal, admissions or public relations staff; however, we recommend that you talk with some teachers about their class dynamics and their perspective on the environment in the school.

Volume of School Enrollment

Finally, another important point when choosing a new school for your child is the size of the student population on that campus. Some private schools far from downtown areas tend to have a smaller number of students, which can greatly benefit your child, since teachers and academic staff will be able to provide a warmer or more personalized attention to students, contrary to what happens in a school with a greater student presence.

These are some recommendations that we share with you if you still do not decide to enroll your child in a campus close to your home or that has a reputation despite its location. If you already have a school in mind, visit our school application portal to find houses near the area.