Pests are a huge problem in many homes. Some pest problems are short term, but others may end up becoming long term. If you fail to treat and control the pests effectively, your comfortable dwelling place will become infested with pests. Living in a house infested with pests and rodents is unsafe. You should take any pest infestation signs in your home seriously because pests destroy property and transmit diseases. If you are not vigilant enough, you may fail to notice pests in your house. 

Why Pests Come to Your House

Houses act as suitable habitats for some pests and rodents. Houses not only provide shelter but also serve as hiding places for the pests. Also, pests and rodents are drawn to houses because of food and water. Presence of pests in your house is bad news, but the good news is that there is a way you can prevent this menace. To know how to prevent pests and rodents from coming to your house, you should first understand why they come into your house. Below are some of the factors that cause pest infestation in your home:

• Presence of bushes, shrubs and trees in your home

Trees are one of the primary reasons homes get infested with pests and rodents, even if they play a crucial role in the ecosystem. Trees, shrubs and bushes provide shelter to rodents and pests. Also, the trees, shrubs and bushes act as breeding grounds for pests and rodents. With the proximity of the trees and shrubs to a house, the rodents end up finding a way into your house, searching for food. 

• Poor siding installation

Poorly fitted siding can be the reason why your home has become a suitable dwelling place for pests. Incorrectly installed siding may end up touching the ground. The siding then acts as a passageway for pests such as ants, beetles, carpenter ants, cockroaches, spiders, termites and rodents such as mice and rats into your house. Also, if the ground where the siding is touching is wet or damp, the moisture will promote the pests' breeding. 

• Holes and Cracks

Pests are small in stature. Therefore, they are capable of crawling through tiny cracks and holes. The presence of holes and cracks in the walls and foundations of a house provides a way for the entry of pests into the house. Some holes and cracks in walls and foundations may be large enough to allow entry of rodents such as rats and mice. The cracks and holes should be sealed to prevent the passage of pests and rodents into the house. Also, cracks and holes allow entry of moisture into the house, resulting in a perfect breeding ground for the pests. 

• Presence of moisture

Damp corners attract pests. The dampness can be a result of many things. Leaking roof, leaking plumbing system, and water spill. Homes with basements are more susceptible to dampness, which leads to a high likelihood of pest infestation. Pests need water to survive. The damp areas in your house will promote the breeding of pests. Pests like bed bugs that require a lot of water will multiply in a short time when you fail to take immediate action. If you live in a region that rains a lot, you should identify the areas that usually get moist and dry them. 

• Food scraps and remains

Dropping food particles on the floor when eating invites pests into your house. If you want your house free of pests and rodents, you should not leave any open food in the kitchen. You should also clean the floor of any food scraps and wash the dishes to deprive the insects and rodents of any food source in your house. 

• Dirtiness

Dirty and untidiness also promote pest infestation. Messy and cluttered areas in your house will act as hiding places for pests. These shy insects will hide all day in the dirty, dark areas and only emerge at night when you are sleeping, for example, cockroaches. The pests also use these dirty and dark places to breed. They will then reach a level where you will need professional pest control services to eliminate them. Professional pest control services have the expertise to identify these pests' breeding grounds and how to remove their eggs so that the pests are eliminated permanently.

• Climatic conditions

During the winters, pests and rodents hide in houses where it is warm. This is why many people who live in temperate regions experience high pest activities during the winters. 

If you have a pest infestation problem in your house, it would be best you hire professional pest control services. Check out Excel Pest Services to know the kind of pest control services we offer and seek our services.