Do you have any dreams about your creative future as a musician? During your life and possible career, have you ever dreamt of becoming a worlds' sensation? We are more than sure that your ideas were far from reality, but you weren’t wrong about them. 

Even now, when you’ve created many songs that were initially deleted, there still is the possibility to make your dreams come true. Because your previous actions were motivated by the dream you had as a child. And in the modern world of music it is crucial to keep your speed stable, and only increase it. The whole music industry is like a racetrack, and all the musicians are like racers. And every good race starts with a good start. So how can you have a good start? With the hip hop promotion, of course. Even if it sounds silly to you, you need to understand that good music promotion nowadays is a cornerstone of a successful career. All modern musicians, who are somehow popular, use music promotion, especially hip-hop creators.

Why do you need the promotion? Well, to fully explain this, let’s look at the numbers. You will be impressed, how many people are using music streaming services. If we combine the audience of all music platforms, like Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, etc. we will get the giant figure - over 700 million people. To understand it better, it’s like 5 populations of Russia combined. So the hip hop promotion can help you steal the minds of these people, to make them your army of fans. Yes, that’s possible. Maybe not all 700 million, but at least a part of them. In order to do it, you need to create accounts in all popular streaming services, and upload your songs there. Next - choose the best partner for hip hop promotion. Such service will provide all the necessary actions and sufficiently boost your career. 

How does hip hop promotion work? Just as every other promotion, it is just increasing the popularity parameters, like the number of plays, followers, likes, shares, etc. Of course, you can do it by hand, but it will take much more time and effort than just paying for the promotion. What are the benefits? If you have higher numbers, the services will treat you better, and they’ll place your tracks to user recommendations and popular playlists. And those playlists are the real deal. Getting into them is a real opportunity to be noticed not only by your new fan, but also by music producer. They are constantly searching for the new talents. Also, hip hop promotion frees you lots of time, that you can spend on creating your new masterpieces. And in the world of music even one minute can determine the future of the song. So having additional time is always a bonus.